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Every Man Remembered – New website to honour all the dead of the Great War

Set up by the Royal British Legion, the new website ‘Every Man Remembered‘ has been set up to honour and commemorate every single man and woman who died in the Great War fighting for Britain and the Empire. It is a really fantastic idea, and as a One Name Family History Society, I feel it is essential we should commemorate everyone from the Lin(d)field families who lost their lives. Donations can also be made to the Legion in memory of an individual. Continue reading Every Man Remembered – New website to honour all the dead of the Great War

A New Website to have a look at: The Great War – West Sussex

With all the First World War centenary commemorations well under way, I wanted to tell everyone about a  new website:The Great War – West Sussex‘.

Financed with a lottery grant, this has been a joint project between the West Sussex Library Service and the West Sussex Record Office, who appealed for volunteers to research case studies on various topics of the war or on a particular serviceman or woman. Far more people came forward than expected – 150 rather than the estimated 80 or so – but the end result is a fantastic learning resource that I can thoroughly recommend. Continue reading A New Website to have a look at: The Great War – West Sussex

Our Military Ancestors

Alan has recently produced a very useful list of some of the many Lin(d)fields who have served in the armed forces(Ref. 1). It is particularly poignant to see so many of those involved were casualties of the First World War, with Britain and her empire losing nearly a million men between 1914 and 1918. Such enormous losses inevitably affected every family in the land, and the Lin(d)fields were no exception. What struck me about Alan’s list is the tremendous amount of information still to be discovered about our military ancestors, and it would be marvellous if some of our members were able to research some of these names in detail. The purpose of this article is to take a look at military records in general and the various sources of information accessible to the family historian; I also intend to use some examples from our own archives to show the sort of material which may be available. Continue reading Our Military Ancestors

More Service Records

In Longshot Vol 5 number 2, we published a list of the records we have found of military service by Lin(d)fields. We now have a complete listing from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which gives some further details, and in some cases these have allowed us to establish the identities and family connections. The listing also includes a number of war graves of which we were previously unaware.

The first was mentioned in the earlier article:


Royal Sussex Regiment, deaths in 1914-18 War

LINFIELD, William Ernest, private, SD/5183, 12th Bn, died 30 June 1916, buried Loos, reference MR19. Database number #13932. We now have the name of his mother from the War Grave details, together with his age. He was 20 when he died and his mother is shown as Mrs Harriett Linfield of 2 Spring Villas, Lyminster, Littlehampton. This allows us to connect him as follows:


1. Christopher LINFIELD #909 born 3 Nov 1850, Washington, Sussex (Reg: Thakeham), ref: opcs/b vii529, occupation Farmer & contractor, married 25 Sep 1880, marr ref: opcs/m 2b553, Thakeham, Sussex, England, Harriet FRANCES #910, born abt 1859, died 1937, Toddington. Christopher died 26 Dec 1916, Spring Villas, Lyminster, living: 1851, Washington, Sussex. Poss same as #1771. No Christopher or Harry/Henry in opcs/b for 1848. Prev entered as #13869 from opcs/b. Shown in CR51 as aged 5m, bn Washington [1851 Index SFHG, fo 262] Said to have 11 children, known as Harry, occupation farm carter, according to letter to Eric from Christopher and Eva Linfield September 1973. Family moved from Warminghurst to Billingshurst after Harriett was born but before she started school in 1891. From there they moved to Houghton Bridge near Amberley, and from there to Thakeham where they lived in Thakeham St. They were still there when Harriett left school in 1899/1900. They moved subsequently to Lyminster.
i Elizabeth LINFIELD #4433 born q1—1881, (Reg: Thakeham), ref: opcs/b 2b366, married Steve JANMAN #15498. Prev entered as #4129 from opcs/b.
ii Harry LINFIELD #4429 born 1 Jul 1882.
iii Christopher LINFIELD #911 born q4—1883, Toddington, ref: opcs/b 2b350, occupation Farmer & contractor, married q2—1915, in Toddington, marr ref: opcs/m 2b1003, East Preston, Sussex, Ellen LUCKIN #912, born 1880, Toddington, died 1958, Toddington. Christopher died 1951, Toddington. No children [Letter to Eric from Christopher and Eva Linfield September 1973] Birth given as 1883 on info from Colin Mainstone; 1884 by W F Daggett. Prev entered also as #4471 from opcs/b. Birth place given as Toddington by W F Daggett, Thakeham by K Joan Puttock, letter July 1995. Marriage prev shown as 1917.
iv Fanny LINFIELD #4499 born ?? Jun 1885, Thakeham, Sussex, England, ref: opcs/b 2b334, married Harry HAMMOND #15499. Birth reg Q3 1885.
Harry: Speeling prev shown as HAMMAND.
v Harriett LINFIELD #4434 born 21 Jul 1886.
vi Annie LINFIELD #3160 born q3—1888, Thakeham, Sussex, England, ref: opcs/b 2b321. OPCS ref poss incorrect – same as #3162 Annie listed by Colin Mainstone; shown as md to Ernest GILLETT. Letter to Eric from Christopher and Eva Linfield September 1973 shows Nancy. K Joan Puttock, letter July 1995 shows Nance, christened Annie or Nancy and bn abt 1887/8. Two opcs/b entries for Annie in 1888; see also #3168.
vii Annie Linfield #3168 born q4—1888, Thakeham, Sussex, England, ref: opcs/b 2b342. Two opcs/b entries for Annie in 1888; see also #3160.
viii Emily LINFIELD #4437 born abt 1888, Lyminster, Littlehampton, married q2—1919, marr ref: opcs/m 2b1069, East Preston, Sussex, William WYATT #15501, born abt 1888. Emily died Littlehampton, Sussex. Shown as Emm on info from Colin Mainstone. Only opcs/b refs Thakeham are in 1881 #4130 and 1890 #4547. Ref for latter is 2b309 Q4 1890.
ix Kate LINFIELD #4438 born q4—1893, Lyminster, Littlehampton (Reg: Thakeham), bp. 31 Dec 1994, Billingshurst, Sussex, ref: opcs/b 2b327, married q1—1917, marr ref: opcs/m 2b595, East Preston, Sussex, Frederick MUNDAY #15500, born abt 1890. Kate died Australia, living: 1915/16?, 96 Shirland Rd, Maida Vale, West London?. Poss same as #1706 bp Billingshurst 31 Dec 1894. Name given as Kit by Colin Mainstone. Most likely opcs/b ref is Kate LINFIELD Q4 1893 2b327 #14091. Poss the Miss Kate LINFIELD at 96 Shirland Rd, Maida Vale, W London in 1915/6, recipient of postcard from Rifleman Will EDWARDS, Hut L30, D Coy 3rd Bn London Irish Rifles, Morn Hill Camp, Winchester. [Postcard, date unclear 1915/16]
Frederick: Spelling is MUNDY in opcs/m.
x Mary LINFIELD #14081 born q2—1892, Thakeham, Sussex, England, ref: opcs/b 2b342, died q4—1892, Thakeham, Sussex, England. Death ref opcs/d 2b229; age given as 0.
xi William Ernest LINDFIELD #13932 born q2—1896, Houghton Bridge, Amberley (Reg Thakeham), ref: opcs/b 2b338, occupation Private Soldier, died 30 Jun 1916, France, buried: Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais. Died in WW1, aged 18-19 [K Joan Puttock, letter July 1995] Shown as Wm Ernest LINFIELD, private, SD/5183. 12th Bn., Royal Sussex regt. Died 30 June 1916, age 20. S of Mrs Harriett L, 2 Spring Villas, Lyminster. [Casualty Listing from Commonwealth War Graves Commission 20 March 1997.]
xii Frederick George LINFIELD #14463 born q3—1898.
xiii Alfred James LINFIELD #14139 born q2—1901, East Preston, Sussex, ref: opcs/b 2b353. No children [Letter to Eric from Christopher and Eva Linfield September 1973]

Another one from the previous article was Gunner William Lindfield of Horsham:


Basra Memorial – Iraq

In the previous article we listed LINDFIELD William, gunner, Royal Artillery, number 15420. Shown as born and enlisted at Horsham, died 10 July 1916, in Mesopotamia.(Ref. 1) In this case we also now have the location of the memorial and the parents and age of the soldier. He is shown on the Basra Memorial as follows:

LINDFIELD, Gunner, William, 57420. 20th Bty. Royal Field Artillery. Drowned in the Tigris 10th July 1916. Age 30. Son of William and Rebecca Lindfield of 4 Mill Lane, Lower Beeding, Horsham, Sussex. [#4159 in database].


Inscriptions on the Menin Gate, Ypres

We now find that there are in fact 2 soldiers listed on the Menin Gate which lists soldiers killed at Ypres but with no known grave. The first is shown as Private John LINFIELD, 1454, of the 16th (The Queen’s) Lancers, who died on 21st October 1914. As yet, we have not identified him, and would obviously be grateful if any member can help us to do so.

The second was Rifleman Percy LINFIELD, S/11733 of the 7th Bn. Rifle Brigade. He is shown as aged 26 when he died on 7th July 1915 and is shown as the son of Thomas and Sara Lindfield of 209 High St, Tooting, London. His birth was registered in the second quarter of 1889, but as yet we have no further details of his parents. We may find some useful clues in the 1881 census.


Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery, Belgium

LINFIELD, Private, Percy Frank, G/16044, “B” Coy. 13th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. Killed in enemy air raid 15th October 1917. Age 31. Son of John and Friend Linfield, of Storrington; husband of Esther Barbara Linfield, of White Horse Yard, Storrington, nr Pulborough, Sussex. O.8. [#2092 in database].


Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension – Somme

LINFIELD, Private, Albert David John, 6403197. 7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. 26th May 1940. Age 22. Son of Charles Albert and Emily Maria Linfield, of Chichester, Sussex; husband of Mary Campbell Linfield, of Chichester. Plot 9. Row D. Grave 16. [#5383 in database].


Beaumont-Hamel (Newfoundland) Memorial – Somme

LINFIELD, Private, Roland, 2543. Royal Newfoundland Regt. Killed in action near Marcoing 20 November 1917. Son of Alfred G Linfield of Loon Bay, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. [#9431 in database].


Croisilles British Cemetery – Pas de Calais

LINFIELD, Private, Fredrick (sic), 12648. 2nd BN. The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regt.) 2nd April 1917. Age 30. Son of George and K Linfield, of Wakeland’s Farm Cottage, Moor Lane, Ringmer, Sussex. Born at Henfield. IV. C. 30. [#1857 in database].


Pozieres Memorial – Somme

LINGFIELD, Private, William James, 125255. 16th Bn. Machine Gun Corps (Inf). 4th April 1918. Age 30. Son of William James Lingfield; husband of the late Charlotte Lingfield. As yet, I have not been able to identify this family.

In the earlier article we showed the death of Private William Denn LINFIELD as 5th May 1918, from the information obtained from the Regimental records. The CWGC records, however, have the date as 5th April.


Regina Trench Cemetery – Somme

LINFIELD, Private, George Frank, 4640. 7th BN. Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). 19th November 1916. Age 20. Son of Ephraim and Mary Ann Linfield, of Groombridge, Kent. V.F.3. [#1537 in database].


Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery – Somme

LINFIELD, Private E, G/15944. 13th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. 29th March 1918. VI.F.6. At this stage, we are unable to identify this man, having no address or first name or other clues. If any readers can help, we would be grateful.


Khayat Beach War Cemetery – Israel

LINFIELD, Able Seaman, Albert, P/SSX19714. HMS Janus, Royal Navy. 9th June 1941. Son of David Peter and Annie Linfield, of West Horsham, Sussex. A.D.7. [#14282 in database].


Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery – Netherlands

LINFIELD, Private, Frederick Alexander, M/105560. Lincoln and Welland Regiment, R.C.I.C, 24th October 1944. 2.B.9. [#18602 in database]. It seems likely that he died during operations to recapture the Scheldt estuary, in which Canadian forces played a major part.(Ref. 2) We have yet to establish where he was born and when, and which branch he belongs to.


Rawalpindi War Cemetery – Pakistan

LINFIELD, Private, Joseph Henry, L/10867. 1st Bn. Royal Sussex Regt. 24th November 1919. 4.A.2. [#4707 in database].

He was the son of William and Jane Linfield of Angmering, and was probably an uncle of William Denn Linfield who was buried at Pozieres, (see above). However, these connections remain to be proved:


1. William LINFIELD #1895 born 1844, Angmering, occupation Bricklayer, married Jane —– #16098, born abt 1846, Sompting, died 20 Sep 1897, (Reg: East Preston), living: 1891, Angmering. William living: 23 Oct 1891, Angmering, Sussex. Poss the Wm LINFIELD, Builder & Contractor in Angmering 1903/1911 [Invoices purchased July 1993 from Judy Bright]. Named with bro Chas as the surviving execs of will of father in 1891. Shown as aged 46 bn Angmering in CR91.

Jane: Shown in CR91 as aged 45, bn Sompting. [RG12/838 fo 141] Death ref opcs/d 2b219, age shown as 51; date given by Chris & Wendy Elliott.

i Louisa LINFIELD #7462 born abt 1862, bp. 27 Jul 1862, Pulborough, Sussex, England, occupation Servant, living: 1881, Slinfold, Sussex, England. Poss same as #13949 opcs/b Q3 1861 Thakeham or #4334 Q2 1860 Horsham, Sussex. Prev shown as child of #8058 – seems more likely given Pulborough location. Shown as aged 19 in CR81; servant bn Pulborough, living with Amy MILLS, unm.
ii Ralph LINFIELD #3217 born q1—1872, East Preston, Sussex, bp. 17 Mar 1872, Angmering, Sussex, England, ref: opcs/b 2b359, married q4—1892, marr ref: opcs/m 2b751, East Preston, Sussex, —– —– #16067, born abt 1872. Also entered as #8056 from IGI import. Prev shown as child of #8058.
2. iii Robert Denn LINFIELD #3280 born q1—1874.
iv Frank LINFIELD #3312 born q1—1876, East Preston, Sussex, bp. 20 Feb 1876, Angmering, Sussex, ref: opcs/b 2b358, living: 1891, Angmering. Also entered as #651
from IGI import. Prev shown as child of #8058. Shown in CR91 as aged 15, bricklayer’s labourer, bn Angmering, same folio as William #1895 and Edwin #1897.
v Joseph Henry LINFIELD #4707 born q4—1878, Angmering (Reg: East Preston, Sussex), ref: opcs/b 2b355, occupation Private Soldier, died 24 Nov 1919, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, buried: Rawalpindi War Cemy, living: 1891, Angmering, Sussex. Shown as Private Joseph Henry LINFIELD, L/10867, Royal Sussex Regt. No age or details of parents, consistent with presumed age if #4707 is correct birth. [Casualty Listing from Commonwealth War Graves Commission 20 March 1997.] NOT PROVED THAT BIRTH AND DEATH DETAILS ARE OF SAME PERSON. Shown in CR91 as aged 12, farm boy, bn Angmering [RG12/838 fo 141]
vi Horace William LINFIELD #4036 born q3—1880, East Preston, Sussex, ref: opcs/b 2b375, living: 1891, Angmering, Sussex. Shown in CR91 as aged 10, scholar, bn Angmering, same folio as Edwin #1897 & William #1895.[RG12/838 fo 141] Shown in CR81 as aged 8m.
vii Hannah Denn LINFIELD #4404 born q3—1883, East Preston, Sussex, ref: opcs/b 2b367, married q2—1906, marr ref: opcs/m 2b753, East Preston, Sussex, —– —– #18069. Hannah living: 1891, Angmering. Shown in CR91 as aged 7, scholar, bn Angmering; same folio as Wm and Edwin.

Next Generation


2. Robert Denn LINFIELD #3280 born q1—1874, East Preston, Sussex, bp. 15 Feb 1874, Angmering, Sussex, ref: opcs/b 2b344, married q4—1892, in Stroud, marr ref: opcs/m 6a611, —– —– #16075. Also entered as #8191 from IGI import. Spelling is Dean in IGI, Denn in opcs/b Also spelt Denn in opcs/m. Prev shown as child of #8058.


i William Denn LINFIELD #4615 born q3—1894, Stroud, Kent, ref: opcs/b 6a309, occupation Private soldier, died 5 Apr 1918, buried: Pozieres Cemy, MR27. See also #3280 Robt Denn bn 1874 and #4404 Hannah Denn bn 1883 both E. Preston Listed in war dead as Pte William Denn LINFIELD, no SD/3164, 7th Bn, Royal Sx. Regiment ref MR27. NO PROOF OF LINK TO THESE PARENTS


Chatham Memorial – Kent, England

LINFIELD, Able Seaman, Alfred, C/J 114303. HMS Picotee Royal Navy. 12 August 1941. Age 31. Son of Frank and Lillian Linfield of Harlesden, Middx. 43,1. [#5497 in database].

LINFIELD, Able Seaman, William Stephen Lloyd, C/JX 247986. HMS Dasher Royal Navy. 27th March 1943. Age 22. Son of Edward John and Hannah Pearce Linfield of Twillingate, Newfoundland. 73, 2. [#16896 in database]. His descent from the Twillingate branch is as follows:


1. Frederick LINFIELD #9206 born 29 Aug 1849, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, bp. 1 Nov 1849, Jenkins Cove, Twillingate, married 1 Jan 1881, in Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, Susannah POND #9205, born 1850, died 5 Mar 1938, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, buried: North Side Cemy, Twillingate. Frederick died 17 Jun 1921, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, buried: North Side Cemy, Twillingate. Started the Linfield store on the North Side and later passed it to son Edward. MI shows as aged 72.

Susannah: MI shows as aged 88.


2. i Edward John LINFIELD #9204 born 1883.
ii Isabelle Lydia LINFIELD #16888 born 29 Nov 1881, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, bp. 7 Mar 1882, married S COOK #16889, born abt 1881.

Next Generation


2. Edward John LINFIELD #9204 born 1883, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, married Hannah Pearce —– #16890, born 1885, died 13 May 1967, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada. Edward died 30 Nov 1951, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada. MI shows as aged 68.

Hannah: MI shows as aged 82.


i Emma Isabella LINFIELD #16891 born 6 Jul 1909, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, bp. 25 Aug 1909, died 3 Oct 1909, buried: Nth Side Cemy, Twillingate. Prev shown as Erma Isabel.[from MI notes; Kaiser papers]. MI shows as aged 3 months.
ii Raymond George LINFIELD #16892 born 21 May 1911, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, bp. 19 Jun 1911, died 21 Aug 1911. MI shows as aged 3 months.
iii Hubert Sidney LINFIELD #16893 born 1912, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, died 3 Jul 1913. MI shows as aged 10 months.
iv Clara Louise LINFIELD #16894 born 1914, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, died 2 Mar 1915. MI shows as aged 9 months.
. v Ena Geneve LINFIELD #16895 born 1 Jul 1916.
vi William Stephen Lloyd LINFIELD #16896 born 1921, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, occupation Able Seaman, died 27 Mar 1943, HMS Dasher, buried: /commemorated, Chatham Memorial, Kent. Death prev shown as 26 Mar 1948 (presumed copying error). Shown as Able Seaman , C/JX 247986, HMS Dasher, Royal Navy, aged 22, son of Edward John and Hannah Pearce LINFIELD of Twillingate, Newfoundland. Ref 73,2. [Casualty Listing from Commonwealth War Graves Commission 20 March 1997.]


Dover (St James’s) Cemetery – Kent

LINFIELD, Leading Seaman, Harry Robert, 126723. H.M. Trawler “Lock Naver”. Royal Navy. Drowned 16th April 1915. Age 46. (R.F.R./PO/B/580). Born at Brighton, Sussex. M.W.19. [#3055 in database]. Harry was the son of Robert and Caroline Linfield, from whom several members of the Group descend, and whose descent is shown at the end of the article by Norma Frew in this issue.

Lowestoft Naval Memorial – Suffolk

LINFIELD, Lieutenant, Frederick Roy, Royal Naval Reserve. 29th January 1942. Age 31. Husband of Alice Cameron Minter Linfield, of Durban, Natal, South Africa. Panel 8, Column 1. [#2948 in database]. Frederick would have served with the Royal Naval Patrol Service, which was based in Lowestoft. Arthur G Lindfield was also a member of the RNPS, and his article about the Service appears elsewhere in this issue.


Wallasey (Rake Lane) Cemetery – Cheshire

LINFIELD, Ordinary Seaman, H.C. SS/7956. (PO). R.N. HMS “Achilles” Royal Navy. 21st October 1918. Age 19. Son of Harry and Mary Linfield of Chesswood Farm Cottage, Chesswood Road, Worthing. 7. C of E. 2. [#4838 or #5432 in database].


Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery – Belgium

LINDFIELD, Private, Albert Edward, 401984, 49th Bn., Canadian Infantry, (Alberta Regt). Died of accidental injuries 6 Sept 1916. Age 22. Son of Annie Lindfield (now Woolgar) of 299 Grey St etc and the late Henry Thos L, native of Brighton. Grave ref IX.D.15.

His father was Henry Thomas Lindfield who married Annie Scardifield:


Tyne Cot Memorial – Belgium

LINDFIELD, Private, Ephraim, 40940. 1st Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment. 4th October 1917. [#1530 in database].


Adanac Military Cemetery – Somme

LINDFIELD, Sapper, P, 154480. 401st Field Coy, Royal Engineers. 25th March 1918. IV. K. 11. [Possibly #1965 in database.] Another mystery, this one. If anyone can help us to identify him, please get in touch.


Aire Communal Cemetery – Pas de Calais

LINDFIELD, Private, C E, T4/083574. 46TH Coy. Army Service Corps. 15th November 1915. I.C. 10.


Mont Huon Military Cemetery – Seine Maritime

LINDFIELD, Able Seaman, Percy William, R/6248. Drake Bn., Royal Naval Division. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Died of wounds (gas) 26 Mar 1918. Age 30. Husband of Grace Gertrude Lindfield of 43a, Richmond St, Brighton, Sussex. V.F.5A. [#3153 in database].

He was possibly the son of William Henry LINDFIELD #15748 born 19 May 1858, Lindfield, Sussex, occupation Coachman, who married on 19 September 1886, in St Peter’s, Brighton, Annie Elizabeth PERCY #15749. Percy William was born on 21st December 1887, in Brighton. According to information supplied by Alice & Tony Bamber, he was gassed on March 12, 1918 and died 14 days later. Percy and Grace had no children. Grace remarried.

Hove Old Cemetery – Sussex

LINDFIELD, Boy Second Class, Henry Thomas, J/89929. HMS “Impregnable” Royal Navy. Died of pneumonia 27th June 1918. Age 16. Son of Henry and Elizabeth Lindfield of Road Hole, West Blatchington, Hove. E.115. [#5517 in database]


Reigate (Redstone) Cemetery – Surrey

LINDFIELD, Gunner, George William, 1598363. 263 Bty. 19 Lt A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery. 30th June 1945. Age 33. Son of George and Ellen Lindfield; husband of Elizabeth D Lindfield of Reigate. Grave 67. [#5664 in database].


Wick Cemetery – Caithnesshire

LINDFIELD, Chief Petty Officer Writer, Arthur, P/M38109. HMS Exmouth Royal Navy. 21st January 1940. Age 35. Son of Arthur George and Laurie Rebecca Lindfield; husband of Kathleen Nellie Ada Lindfield, of Drayton, Cosham, Hampshire. Sec.O. Coll. grave 1.


In a future article, I will concentrate on those who served in other conflicts such as the American Civil War, and the War of Independence, the Crimean War, and the English Civil War. If any readers have particular interests in these subjects or know of Lin(d)field ancestors with military connections, I would be very pleased to hear from them.


1. Soldiers Died in the Great War. HMSO 1919.

2. Normandy to the Baltic, by Field-Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Hutchinson & Co, 1947


Military Records

Readers may be interested in a brief update on the records we have found of military service by Lin(d)fields. Alan Michael Linfield has a particular interest in this area and has written about some particular cases, and the material which has come to light in past few weeks has been passed to him for further investigation. This list serves as a short summary of the names in question.

Royal Sussex Regiment, deaths in 1914-18 War

LINFIELD, Harold Frank, private, no. G/1295, 2nd Bn, died 9 May 1915, buried Rue-Petillon, reference Fr 525. He was the son of Arthur George Linfield and Edith Mary Young and was born in 1893. The probate index at Somerset House shows the place of death as Richebourg L’Avou� and gives his address as The Laurels, Chesswood Road, Worthing. Database number #778.

LINFIELD, William Denn, private, SD/3164, 7th BN, died 5 May 1918, buried Pozi�es, reference MR27. His birth was registered in 1894 in Stroud, Kent, and we have no details as yet of his parents. Database number #4615

LINFIELD, William Ernest, private, SD/5183, 12th Bn, died 30 June 1916, buried Loos, reference MR19. Database number #13932.

Soldiers Died in the Great War

LINDFIELD William, gunner, Royal Artillery, number 15420. Shown as born and enlisted at Horsham, died 10 July 1916, in Mesopotamia.

Public Records Office, War Office Records of Soldiers discharged to pension 1883-1913

LINFIELD, William, 3rd Hussars, enlisted 3 March 1891, age given as 18 years 4 months. Declared parish of birth unclear but looks like Battlebridge. Town given as Redhill. Next of kin given as brother but with name of John Palmer. On discharge in 1897 gave address as 6 Chesham Place, Mare St, Hackney. He was possibly the William whose birth is registered at Reigate in 1869, and who married Amy Charter at Southwater in 1894. On the marriage certificate, he appears to come from Charlwood.

LINFIELD, John Henry, Army Service Corps, enlisted 17 July 1896, age given as 22 years 11 months. Place of birth shown as St Mary’s, Portsmouth, father as John Linfield of Fratton. There is a chance that he was actually the John Henry born in 1872 at Farnham, and who married Mary Combes, though this is far from being proved.

LINFIELD, Walter L, 2nd Rifle Brigade, enlisted 5th November 1870, age shown as 18 years. Birthplace shown as Croydon, next of kin shown as brother Jesse Linfield of Horsham. The name of the brother is consistent with him being the son of Jesse Linfield and Sarah Isted of Chailey, Sussex, but again there is some considerable doubt as to his parentage.

LINFIELD, James, Royal Artillery, enlisted 10 August 1887, age given as 20 years 1 month. Shown as born Hawley (sic), (presumably Horley), Crawley. Father shown as George Linfield of Marsh Lane, Croydon. Died of heat apoplexy in Dinapore, India on 15 June 1891. He was the son of George Linfield and Mary Fairs. Record #2326 in database.

Chelsea Royal Hospital: Out-Pensioners Regimental Registers: Index (Ref. 1)

LINDFIELD, Henry, Staff Corps, pensioned in 1823 as out-pensioner, age given as 45. Possibly the Henry who was born about 1776 in Cowfold, in which case his father was perhaps Henry LINFIELD #4855 and his mother Mary POTTER #4856. This however remains to be proved. His death may have been the one registered

in 1854 in Horsham, or alternatively that shown, also in Horsham, on 7 May 1854, for a Henry aged 78. The latter is shown on the death certificate as occurring at Wimblepost Cottage, Horsham; the cause of death is shown as apoplexy and the occupation as labourer. He may have married Ann HENTY #3442 on 1 Jan 1793 at West Grinstead.

Chelsea Royal Hospital: Pension Records (Ref. 2)

LINFIELD, Will, 32nd Foot Regt, number 117771, admitted 12 September 1854 to out-pension, and 1 July 1867 to in-pension. Died 20 December 1867. No trace of a matching death registration, so his age on death is uncertain.

LINFIELD, Charles, (unit not noted). Number 77172. Admitted to out-pension 20 December 1859; in-pension 1 August 1898. Died 16 October 1903. Death registration shows age as 66. Database ref #5174 or #4423.

Soldiers Records, Public Record Office (Ref. 3)

LINFIELD, Edward, private, 3rd Kings Own Regt. Light Dragoons. Discharge shown in Proceedings of Regimental Board 27 August 1847. Born St Helens, Canterbury; attested 7th March 1821, age 20, served 26 years, 163 days including 24 years abroad. This including service in Afghanistan in 1842. He was promoted to Corporal with effect from 4 June 1848. Medical report shows general debility due to prolonged Indian service. Discharged at Umballa in the East Indies. Shown as 5ft 7inches tall, with brown hair and eyes and fair complexion.

LINFIELD, Peter, private. Occupation on enlistment shown as labourer. Born Shipley, Sussex, attested for 15th Hussars at Brighton on 19 October 1829 at the age of 21. Served for 24 years and 74 days including 13 years 33 days abroad. Appears to have served mainly in the East Indies. Shown as “worn out from long service in tropical climate”. Description shows him to be 5ft 9 inches tall with light hair, grey eyes and a fair complexion. Discharged at Chatham October 1854. Almost certainly the son of Hannah Linfield, baptised at Shipley, 12 June 1808. Database number #8024.

LINFIELD, John, private, 1st Bn Royal Veterans born in or near Sydenham in the parish of Lewisham, Kent, enlisted at the age of 29 years and served for one year and 340 days as well as in other Corps, discharged on account of weakness of eyesight. He appears to have enlisted originally on 10 September 1804 (the Regiment is unclear) and served until 6 August 1812, and then from 7 August 1812 until final discharge from the Veterans on 12 July 1814. His age on discharge is shown as 39 and he is described as 5ft 11 inches tall, with black hair, hazel eyes and dark complexion, and a labourer by trade (Ref. 4). He is probably the same John LINDFIELD (sic), shown in the 1851 census at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, aged 75, widower, private soldier, born Lewisham, Kent (Ref. 5). His death is possibly the one registered in Stepney in 1855.

Award of medals reported in London Gazette

Linfield C, Corporal, (Bearer Company). War Office (Ref. 6), September 27, 1901 The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments ……… and for the grant of the Medal for Distinguished Conduct in the Field to the undermentioned Officers and Soldiers in recognition of their services during the operations in South Africa. The whole to bear date 29th November, 1900, except where otherwise stated. COLONIAL FORCES New South Wales Contingent. To be Companions of the Distinguished Service Order. …. Corporal C Linfield (Bearer Company).

LINFIELD, Ernest George. Admiralty, Whitehall, 11 July 1940 (Ref. 7). The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Distinguished Service Order for good services in the Royal Navy since the outbreak of War: The Distinguished Service Medal …..Petty Officer Ernest George Linfield, Petty Officer, P/JX. 130002, HMS Hampton. Probably the Ernest Linfield born in Horsham in 1902, son of George Linfield and Amelia Ann, n� Friend.

Register of Names Inscribed on Thiepval Memorial, France…..soldiers who fell…Somme and Ancre 1916-1917 and whose graves are not known. (Ref. 8)

LINFIELD, Walter, L/Cpl 8th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Birth registered Q3 1890 in Horsham, Sussex (Ref. 9). Possibly the son of #5002. Shown as aged 24 and as died 16 Sept 1916, grave not known; shown as son of Mr and Mrs Linfield of Oak Cottage, Slinfold, Horsham. Age does not tally but there is no other birth registration with Walter as the given name in the period 1890-4. Army no 4007. Database number: #4541

Inscriptions on the Menin Gate, Ypres

There is also rumoured to be a Linfield inscribed on the Menin Gate which lists soldiers killed at Ypres but with no known grave. I have written to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to request a search of their database, but if in the meantime anyone should happen to be passing through the Ypres area, perhaps they could have a look and take a photograph for us!

(This list will be continued in a later issue of Longshot.)


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Thomas Cole of the 10th Hussars

My great great great grandparents ELIZABETH LINDFIELD and THOMAS COLE, a widower, were married at St Nicholas Church, Brighton on the 31st December 1816. He was described in the Parish Register as belonging to the 10th Regiment Hussars. She had been baptised at Preston in 1792 and was about fourteen years his junior. The marriage seems to have been something of a formality as they already had a daughter JANE who was baptised in July 1813 and another child was on the way. Continue reading Thomas Cole of the 10th Hussars

Researching our Military Ancestors

In the previous issue of LONGSHOT a suggestion was put forward that some research should be done on the various Lindfield)fields who down the years have served in the armed forces. This immediately caught my attention, since I was already interested in this field as a result of my plans to research the army career of my great-grandfather, who served during the second half of the 19th Century. In the light of this wider interest in our military ancestors, I have therefore broadened the scope of this research to include other members of the family who have served in any of the armed forces and whose military documents can be traced. Since my immediate period of interest was in the Victorian Army, this seemed the logical starting-point for this new project. Continue reading Researching our Military Ancestors