The Linfields of Coolhurst – an Update

Following the recent publication of my article on the ‘Linfields of Coolhurst’1, I decided to write an adapted version for Horsham Heritage, the journal of Horsham Museum and Horsham Museum Society. Since I would need to write something of interest to a more general audience, it was necessary to exclude many of the family history details. The process of re-writing this article – with useful guidance from Sue Djabri of the Horsham Museum Society – proved to be a very interesting exercise in itself, leading, in fact, to a fundamental re-assessment of some of the ideas expressed in the original. The version which appears in Horsham Heritage2 is therefore rather different to the one which appeared in Longshot. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the main differences and the reasons behind them, and to look at one or two new ideas which evolved during the process. Continue reading The Linfields of Coolhurst – an Update

A Coat of Arms for the Suffolk Lin(d)fields

Joan Corder’s ‘Dictionary of Suffolk Arms’ (Suffolk Records Soc. Vol. VII, 1965) makes reference to three Lin(d)field Arms:

  1. Lingfeld of Ipswich: William Blois (of Grundisburgh, Suffolk, died 1673) M.S. ‘The Arms of All the Antient Families in Suffolk’, ed. Rev. Edmund Farrer: “Or, two eagles displ. In pale betw. Two palets embattled counterembattled Sa.” Continue reading A Coat of Arms for the Suffolk Lin(d)fields

Ipswich Borough Record Extracts

I have been looking at the Ipswich Lindfields, and how they have been intimately involved with the town’s affairs, for some time and have compiled notes from various publications of the Ipswich Borough Records where they mention a Lindfield or near relative.

The Ipswich Lindfields covered five generations, beginning with William & Elizabeth, married in 1559, through four generations of Gilbert (the last one dying in 1692 at Whatfield near Ipswich). Continue reading Ipswich Borough Record Extracts