Ralph Parkinson Linfield: An Update

In Longshot Vol 2 No 1 (May 1993), I wrote an article about CAREY HAMPTON BORRER, rector of Hurstpierpoint and amateur genealogist whose papers are now kept at the West Sussex Record Office. His research into the Lin(d)fields of Cuckfield and Hurstpierpoint led him to write a letter of enquiry to RALPH PARKINSON LINFIELD, a fellow clergyman, and vicar of St. Stephen’s, Elton, near Bury in Lancashire. Since his reply is preserved in the Borrer archive, I fully reproduced the contents which are of considerable interest, especially his claim that his grandfather was born in the Sussex village of Storrington and that as a boy he remembered visiting the churchyard and seeing the grave of his great grandfather. Unfortunately, Ralph gave no details of his immediate predecessors, but subsequent research has now revealed their identities and we are able to show exactly how he fits into the Storrington branch. Continue reading Ralph Parkinson Linfield: An Update

Roots and Cuttings

In a previous issue of LONGSHOT, Malcolm showed how much useful information can be gained from articles in old newspapers, which can give a fascinating insight into the characters and way of life of our ancestors, in a way that official records can never do. The article reproduced on the right of this page, for example, gives us not only the addresses of the business premises of FREDERICK CAESAR LINFIELD in 1886, but also an impression of the innovative and progressive character of this prominent local businessman. Continue reading Roots and Cuttings

A Family Business

Grandpa and Granny Linfield got married on 1st January 1883. The south road between Lancing and Worthing had been washed away by heavy tides, so the road via Sompting had to be taken. This was gravelly and worried the horse, so the trip took so long that they only just got to Bedford Row chapel in time (there was a limit to the hour within which marriages could be solemnised). Continue reading A Family Business

Harry Linfield of Sullington

The fascinating picture of HARRY LINFIELD of Sullington (#1394 in the database), was discovered by JOAN HAM in an album of old photographs. This album had been compiled by EMILY CAREW GIBSON of Sandgate during the 1870’s, and the photograph is reproduced here with the kind permission of the West Sussex Record Office (WSRO, Additional MS. 42,006). Continue reading Harry Linfield of Sullington

West Sussex Protestation Returns 1641/2

The Protestation Returns of 1641/2 and the Hearth Tax records which start in 1662 are two of the most important sources to genealogists pursuing their enquiries into the 17th century, especially as many of the parish records are incomplete during the period of upheaval which followed the outbreak of the English Civil War. They both provide locational details of where families were living in a particular year, enabling the researcher to pinpoint the most likely parishes to search first in the quest for more information. Continue reading West Sussex Protestation Returns 1641/2

The Avery Connection

At our AGM it was suggested we might find it interesting if we wrote about some of the families who inter-married into the Lindfield family. Being something of a mongrel myself, I welcomed the suggestion as I do think these contemporary families add colour and interest to our Lin(d)field line. They also tell us much of what life was like in those far off days. Continue reading The Avery Connection

Thomas Cole of the 10th Hussars

My great great great grandparents ELIZABETH LINDFIELD and THOMAS COLE, a widower, were married at St Nicholas Church, Brighton on the 31st December 1816. He was described in the Parish Register as belonging to the 10th Regiment Hussars. She had been baptised at Preston in 1792 and was about fourteen years his junior. The marriage seems to have been something of a formality as they already had a daughter JANE who was baptised in July 1813 and another child was on the way. Continue reading Thomas Cole of the 10th Hussars

Longshot Vol 3, No. 1

The L.O.N.G. Library, by Alan Lindfield
Thomas Cole of the 10th Hussars, by Rosemary Milton
Notes and Queries
The Avery Connection, by Mary Offer
West Sussex Protestation Returns, by Malcolm Linfield
Harry Linfield of Sullington, by Malcolm Linfield
A Family Business, by Peggy Champ
Roots and Cuttings, by Alan Lindfield
Ralph Parkinson Linfield: an Update, by Malcolm Linfield
Two Years On, by Malcolm Linfield

Front Cover: This picture of Harry Linfield of Sullington was probably taken between 1870 and 1875 and was discovered by Joan Ham in an album of old photographs belonging to Emily Carew Gibson of Sandgate. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of the West Sussex Record Office. An article about Harry appears on page 29.