Harry Linfield of Sullington

The fascinating picture of HARRY LINFIELD of Sullington (#1394 in the database), was discovered by JOAN HAM in an album of old photographs. This album had been compiled by EMILY CAREW GIBSON of Sandgate during the 1870’s, and the photograph is reproduced here with the kind permission of the West Sussex Record Office (WSRO, Additional MS. 42,006).

Harry was an agricultural labourer on the Sandgate Estate for 50 years, and this photo was probably taken between 1870 and 1875. He is wearing a traditional smock of the Sussex labourer, and undoubtedly spoke in the strong Sussex dialect which has almost disappeared.

Baptised in 1807, Harry was a son of EDWARD LINFIELD (1774-1861), butcher of Sullington and later market gardener, and HANNAH HAYLER who were married in 1795. He was therefore a grandson of PETER LINFIELD (1734-91), butcher of Storrington. He died on February 28 1878, and according to the West Sussex Gazette, “…his wife survived him but one day.” They were buried in the same grave at Washington on March 3 1878.

Harry married JANE WHEATLAND as his second wife in 1841. They had one son, Henry who sadly died in infancy in 1843. By his previous marriage to FRANCES GOODYER in 1830, he had two daughters, Ellen and Elizabeth. Frances died in 1834 at the age of 26. Incidentally, Harry is the great great grandfather of our President, Eric Linfield.

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