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Longshot Vol 3, No. 1

The L.O.N.G. Library, by Alan Lindfield
Thomas Cole of the 10th Hussars, by Rosemary Milton
Notes and Queries
The Avery Connection, by Mary Offer
West Sussex Protestation Returns, by Malcolm Linfield
Harry Linfield of Sullington, by Malcolm Linfield
A Family Business, by Peggy Champ
Roots and Cuttings, by Alan Lindfield
Ralph Parkinson Linfield: an Update, by Malcolm Linfield
Two Years On, by Malcolm Linfield

Front Cover: This picture of Harry Linfield of Sullington was probably taken between 1870 and 1875 and was discovered by Joan Ham in an album of old photographs belonging to Emily Carew Gibson of Sandgate. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of the West Sussex Record Office. An article about Harry appears on page 29.

Longshot Vol 2, No. 2

Sussex Coroners’ Inquests, by Malcolm Linfield
John Linfield of the Gordon Highlanders, by Alan Michael Linfield
Somerset House Wills 1858-1920
The Storrington Linfields & their Poor Relations of Sullington and Washington (1791-1861) Part 1, by Eric Linfield
The Lin(d)fields of Suffolk, by Malcolm Linfield
The St Catherine’s Index, by Alan Lindfield
GRO Death Records, by Alan Lindfield
The 1851 Census Project, by Alan Lindfield
Beneath a Granite Mountain, by Alan Lindfield

Longshot Vol 2, No. 1

Professor Frederick Bloomfield Linfield, by Jerald A Linfield
Publications for Sale, by Malcolm Linfield
Carey Hampton Borrer, by Malcolm Linfield
Peter Linfield of Storrington, by Malcolm Linfield
Letter from America, by Barry Linfield
The Generation Gap, by Malcolm Linfield
William and Anne Linfield of Worthing, by Malcolm Linfield
Snapshots of History, by Alan Lindfield
A Whimsical Look at Genealogy, by Eric Peter Linfield
Sussex Probate Records by Malcolm Linfield
Still Trying to Connect You, by Alan Lindfield
The Spectre of the Spore, by Nick Linfield
Researching our Military Ancestors, by Alan Michael Linfield
The St Catherine’s House Index, by Alan Lindfield
Blood Relatives, by Alan Lindfield

Front cover: William Lindfield, born Slaugham 1842 who joined the Islington Division of the Metropolitan Police in 1862. The uniform is the original `Peeler’ style, which was withdrawn in 1864. Photo kindly supplied by Mrs Doris Maillardet.

Longshot Vol 1, No. 2

Family History from old Newspapers, Part 2, by Malcolm Linfield
Relative Numbers, by Alan Lindfield
The Quaker Connection, by the Rev Derek Lindfield
The Marnhull Letters, by Jerald A Linfield
The Monks Gate Murder, by Alan Lindfield
Members Queries
How to get Hooked, by Peggy Champ
Starting a Picture Story of One’s Family, by Eric G Linfield
John & Elizabeth Lindfield of Keymer, by Dr Ken Gudmundsen
The Stanford Smith Papers, by Malcolm Linfield
Henry Linfield of Nuthurst, by Malcolm Linfield
Martha Lindfield of Stream Cottage Wivelsfield, by Mary Offer
The Bramber Castle Legend, by Malcolm Linfield
Lest We Forget
Trying to Connect You, by Alan Lindfield

Front Cover: Family tree showing possible descent of William Linfield of Bramber Castle fame, as suggested by Stanford Smith – see articles on pages 60 & 45

Longshot Vol 1, No. 1

Chairman’s message
Robert Linfield of Barnards Inn, by Alan Lindfield
My Early Researches, by Eric Linfield
Lost Emigrants, by Alan Lindfield
The St. Catherine’s Index Project
Getting Started – Part 1, by Alan Lindfield
John Lindfield of West Blatchington, by Mrs. F. Rosemary Milton
Family History from old Newspapers – Part 1, by Malcolm Linfield
Book reviews, by Alan Lindfield
Of Blacksmiths and Bicycles, by Bob Gold
What’s In a Name?, by Mrs Mary Offer
Where there’s a will….

Front cover: John Lindfield, standing in the doorway of his bicycle shop in Bagshot, Surrey.  See the article by Bob Gold.