Longshot Vol 2, No. 1

Professor Frederick Bloomfield Linfield, by Jerald A Linfield
Publications for Sale, by Malcolm Linfield
Carey Hampton Borrer, by Malcolm Linfield
Peter Linfield of Storrington, by Malcolm Linfield
Letter from America, by Barry Linfield
The Generation Gap, by Malcolm Linfield
William and Anne Linfield of Worthing, by Malcolm Linfield
Snapshots of History, by Alan Lindfield
A Whimsical Look at Genealogy, by Eric Peter Linfield
Sussex Probate Records by Malcolm Linfield
Still Trying to Connect You, by Alan Lindfield
The Spectre of the Spore, by Nick Linfield
Researching our Military Ancestors, by Alan Michael Linfield
The St Catherine’s House Index, by Alan Lindfield
Blood Relatives, by Alan Lindfield

Front cover: William Lindfield, born Slaugham 1842 who joined the Islington Division of the Metropolitan Police in 1862. The uniform is the original `Peeler’ style, which was withdrawn in 1864. Photo kindly supplied by Mrs Doris Maillardet.

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