The Linfields of Coolhurst – an Update

Following the recent publication of my article on the ‘Linfields of Coolhurst’1, I decided to write an adapted version for Horsham Heritage, the journal of Horsham Museum and Horsham Museum Society. Since I would need to write something of interest to a more general audience, it was necessary to exclude many of the family history details. The process of re-writing this article – with useful guidance from Sue Djabri of the Horsham Museum Society – proved to be a very interesting exercise in itself, leading, in fact, to a fundamental re-assessment of some of the ideas expressed in the original. The version which appears in Horsham Heritage2 is therefore rather different to the one which appeared in Longshot. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the main differences and the reasons behind them, and to look at one or two new ideas which evolved during the process. Continue reading The Linfields of Coolhurst – an Update

Longshot Vol 10, No. 1

The Linfields of Coolhurst – an Update, by Malcolm Linfield
Linfield and Lindfield Wills and Administrations (1858-1943) Part 3: 1904-1920, by Alan Lindfield
Letters Page
Ipswich Borough Record Extracts Pt II (1559–1624), by Ian Anderson
Memorials to the Dead of the First World War, by Malcolm Linfield
Minutes of Annual General Meeting, June 1st 2002.
Portrait Gallery, by Malcolm Linfield

Front Cover: the Memorial Scroll issued to commemorate the life of Private Harold Frank Linfield of the Royal Sussex Regiment. See article on page 27.