Longshot Vol 13, No. 1

Portrait Gallery
Peeps into the Past
Family Legends – Fact or Fiction? by Malcolm Linfield
Lin(d)field Miscellanies (5), by Malcolm Linfield
Book Review: The Diaries of Sarah Hurst 1759-1762; Life and Love in 18th century Horsham, by Susan C. Djabri.
The Misadventures (and Descendants) of Elizabeth Linfield and John Whittaker (Part 3), by Dolores Christophel D’Errico

Front cover: Arthur and Edith Linfield celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary, January 1 1933. Arthur George Linfield (1859-1938) and Edith Mary Young (1862-1953) were married at the Methodist Chapel in Bedford Row, Worthing on January 1 1883.

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