Linfield and Lindfield Wills and Administrations (1858-1943) – Part 2: 1877-1903

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Extracts from the Index

Walter Francis LINFIELD, #4597, administration 27 November 1877
Administration of effects of Walter Francis LINFIELD late of 138 Drummond Road, Bermondsey, Surrey, licensed victualler, died I November 1877 at 138 Drummond Road granted at Principal Registry to Mary Ann LINFIELD of 138 Drummond Road, widow, relict., less than £450.
William Bartley LINFIELD, #l4922, administration 12 June 1878
Administration of personal estate of William Bartley LINFIELD late of West Hill, Wandsworth, Surrey who died 6 May 1878 at 3 West Hill, granted 12 June 1878 at Principal Registry to Henry Earl LINFIELD of 9 Union Street, Oxford Street, Middlesex, tailor, son and one of the next-of-kin. Less than £200.
Harriett LINFIELD, proved 14 October 1879
Will of Harriett LINFIELD formerly of Victoria Place, Gravesend but late of East Street, Milton-next-Gravesend, Co of Kent, widow, who died 28 August 1879 at East Street, proved Principal Registry by Thomas Hammond of 4 Talma Road, Brixton Surrey, Officer of HM Customs, sole executor. Less than £200.
Robert LINFIELD, #l4863, proved 3 November 1880
Will & codicil proved 3 Nov 1880 Principal Registry by Jane LINFIELD of Hampton Wick, spinster, sister and Robert Alexander of Richmond, gent, the executors; value less than £6000.
Sarah LINFIELD, #1569, proved 31 May 1881
Will of Sarah LINFIELD late of Wakefield, Yorks, widow who died 13 May 1881 at Wakefield proved Wakefield by Rev Ralph Parkinson LINFIELD of 55 Belbeck St, Eiton, Bury co Lancaster, clerk, son and sole executor, less than £5000.
Elizabeth LINFIELD, #l429, proved 14 July 1882
Will of Elizabeth LINFIELD, late of 7 Peak Hill avenue, Sydenham, co Kent who died 13 June 1882 at 7 Peak Hill Ave proved 14 July 1882 Principal Registry by Charles WHITFIELD of 7 Peak Hill Ave, gent, Stanford Frederick LINFIELD of Sandown, draper & Emily HOBDEN of Olive House, Uckfield, widow, the executors, £19,433 14s 6d. Resworn Jan 1883 £22,102 13s 7d.
James LINFIELD, #4927, 24 October 1882
Will and codicil of James LINFIELD late of 43 Marlborough Rd, Old Kent Rd, co Surrey, gent who died 17 September 1882 at 43 Marlborough Rd, proved
Principal Registry by Ann Dawson LINFIELD of 43 Marlborough Rd, widow the relict, Henry John Dickeson of 19 Lower Marsh, Lambeth in said county, tobacconist, the grandson and James Murrell of 189 Waterloo Rd in said county, house agent the executors, £2615 4s Id.
Jane LINFIELD, #138, proved 19 December 1882
Will of Jane LINFIELD late of Tower Hill, Horsham, co Sussex, widow, who died 16 October 1882 at Tower Hill, proved 19th Dee 1882 Principal Registry by Henry Charles LINFIELD of Margate, the son & Geo Duncan BUNDY of 29 Lady Margaret Rd, Kentish Town, clerk in Railway Clearing House, executors, £95 1s 6d.
Henry LINDFIELD, #5444, proved 23 February 1882
Will of Henry LINDFIELD late of 8 Sussex St, Brighton co Sussex who died 6 Feb 1882 at 8 Sussex St proved at Principal Registry 23 Feb 1882 by James Hasler STAPLETON of 134 Sussex St, pork butcher and John WATTS of 35 St Mary Magdalene St, Brighton, builder, the executors, £132.
Jane LINFEILD, #l4862 proved 7 May 1883
Will and codicil of Jane LINFEILD, late of Hampton Wick, co Middlesex, spinster, who died 14 April 1883 at Hampton Wick, proved Principal Registry by Robert Alexander SMITH of Richmond co Surrey, gent and George PHILLIPSON of Kingston on Thames, bookseller the surviving executors, £8830 19s 2d.
Mark LINFIELD, #l445, proved 13 Jan 1883
Will of Mark LINFIELD the younger late of Shanklin IOW, draper who died 13 Nov 1882 at Luccombe IOW proved Winchester by Mark LINFIELD the elder of Ventnor, IOW, draper, father, sole executor, £903 2s 5d.
Thomas LINDFIELD, #42, 4 August 1885.
Administration of personal estate of Thomas LINDFIELD late of Sheffield Green, Fletching, co Sussex, labourer who died 12 May 1884 at Sussex County Hospital, Brighton in said county, granted at Lewes to Maria LINDFIELD of Sheffield Green, widow, relict., £49 8s 4d
Edward LINDFIELD, 15 March 1887
Edward LINDFIELD late of Castleford, co York, water rate collector who died 12 February 1887 at Castleford, proved Wakefield by Eliza Thompson LINDFIELD of 18 Wesley St, Castleford, widow, relict, John Jowett of I Albion St, Castleford, joiner and Jabez Perfect of 16 Wesley St, gent the executors, £945 15s 10d.
Harriett LINDFIELD, #525, proved 29 March 1889
Will proved 29 Mar 1889 £1137 12s 7d, resworn Aug 1890 at value £1519 9s 5d; Harriett shown as late of Keymer, spinster; administration granted Lewes to Mary HUGGETT, wife of Stephen, of 20 Red Cross St, sister and only next-of-kin.
Stafford Frederick LINFIELD, #802, 5 February 1890
Will of Stanford Frederick LINFIELD formerly of London House, Sandown but late of Newport Isle of Wight, co Southampton, gent who died 14 November 1889 at Newport, proved at Principal Registry 5 February 1890 by Mark LINFIELD of High St, Ventnor, draper the brother, George Brown of High St Sandown, chemist and Jessie Armitage Fisk (wife of Robert James Fisk) of Apsedown in the said Isle, daughter, the executors, £4555 0s 8d.
William LINFIELD, #l887, proved 23 October 1891
Will of William LINFIELD late of Angmering co Sussex, builder who died 1 Oct at Angmering proved 23 Oct 1891 Chichester, by William LINFIELD and Charles LINFIELD, both of Angmering, the sons, the surviving executors, £1763 5s 3d.
Lydia LINDFIELD, #15083, 12 April 1892
Lydia LINDFIELD of 3 Caroline St, St Pancras, Middlesex, spinster, died 20 February 1892 at St Pancras Infirmary, Middlesex; administration London 12 April to Frederick LINDFIELD, postman. Effects £43.
Ann Dawson LINFIELD, #15124, 6 August 1892
Ann Dawson LINFIELD of 43 Mariborough Rd, Old Kent Rd, Surrey, widow, died 26 June 1892, probate London 6 August to Thomas LINFIELD, surveyor. Effects £75 17s 6d.
Mary Rebecca LINDFIELD, #1249, administration 5 May 1893
Mary Rebecca LINDFIELD of 33 Camden Hill Rd, Norwood, Surrey, spinster, died 21 December 1892, administration granted London 5 May to Hasted LINDFIELD, butcher. Effects £73 18s 8d.
Henry LINDFIELD, 15 March 1898
Henry LINDFIELD of Lynton House, Montpelier St, Brighton died 13 February 1898 at Croydon General Hospital, Surrey; administration with will (limited) London 15 March 1898 to Percy Benjamin Edward Isom, retired bootmaker. £4230 16s 10d.
George Joseph LINDFIELD, #14871, administration 31 May 1899
George Joseph LINDFIELD of 9 Osberton Rd, Lee, Kent died 16 April 1899. Administration granted 31 May 1899 (with will) London, to Marian, widow; effects £385 3s Id.
Joseph LINFIELD, #1892, proved 22 April 1902
Joseph LINFIELD of North St, Worthing died 15 December 1901 proved Chichester 22 April 1902 to James LINFIELD retired builder and Charles LINFIELD, bricklayer. Effects £695.
Henry LINDFIELD, proved 15 March 1902
Henry LINDFIELD of West St, Burgess Hill, died 21 February 1902, proved London 15 March to Albert LINDFIELD, grocer and Joseph LINDFIELD, butchers assistant. Effects £935 8s l1d.
Frederick LINFIELD, proved 27 March 1903
Frederick LINFIELD of 2 Brunswick St West Hove, died 3 February 1903, administration Lewes 27 March to Elizabeth Louisa LINFIELD, widow. Effects £243 11s 5d.

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