Longshot Vol 8, No. 1

The Storrington Linfields, by Richard Beaton
Lin(d)field Businesses & Occupations – a brief survey, by Malcolm Linfield
Thoughts from a Not-so-Distant Land, by Nick Linfield
An Up-date on my Family History Researches, by Eric Linfield
Storrington and District Museum, by Malcolm Linfield
It’s all in the Genes! by Malcolm Linfield
Some Early Memories, by Mary Offer
Some Lin(d)field Miscellanies: 2, by Malcolm Linfield

Front Cover: Israel Charles John Avery of the Royal Fusiliers – with his favourite pony Greybird, he takes his father with him to say goodbye to his
friends before embarkation to France, 1916. (See article by Mary Offer on p. 35).

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