The Monks Gate Murder

by Kairen Bright, Malcolm Linfield & Alan Lindfield

One of the questions frequently asked of family historians, is whether they have found any murderers in the family. Quite why we have this morbid fascination with murder is a mystery, but the fact remains that most families have at least murderer lurking somewhere in the genealogical cupboard, and the Lin(d)field families are no exception. There are in fact several instances of murder in our records, in which either the perpetrator or the victim is a Lin(d)field. Elsewhere in this issue, NICK LINFIELD tells the story of WILLIAM DE LINDFIELD, who was walled up alive in Bramber Castle. Definitely a case of malice aforethought!

Since joining the Group a few months ago, KAIREN BRIGHT has been researching the murder which took place at Monks Gate, near Horsham in 1810 and which was described in a previous issue of this journal (Longshot Vol 1 No 2). The story was recounted in the Sussex County Magazine (Vol XIII, 1939, p. 770-775) in 1939, by WILLIAM ALBERY the well known local historian.

Mr Albery explained in his article how there had been no case of murder in the Horsham area since 1752 till 1810. On 14th October of that year a deliberate murder “with malice aforethought” took place at Monks Gate, which was a toll gate on the Horsham to Cowfold road. The pay-gate was kept by an old woman and her daughter, the latter of whom, a cripple, was well known to all passers by, as she opened the gates to them and took their fees. She was courted by a broommaker, one SAMUEL LINDFIELD, who was evidently somewhat jealous of a man called HARRY NALDRETT who was competing for the favours of the daughter. Mr Albery’s article only gave Samuel’s surname and until we had checked the original records, we had wondered if it was Daniel who committed the murder. We have also yet to find any record of the names of the mother or daughter. The Albery account also includes certain details, such as the time of the murder, which we have not found elsewhere; whether this information came from another source, or was invented to embellish his account, we do not know.

Mr Albery states that at 6 o’clock in the morning on the 4th October, Lindfield went to the house and called the daughter by name. Her mother answered, asking what he wanted. “To shoot your daughter” was the startling reply, upon which the mother, not unnaturally, started screaming. Naldrett, who lived nearby, went to see what was the matter and Lindfield promptly, and without warning, shot him through the heart. He died immediately.

The coroner’s jury returned a verdict of “wilful murder” against Lindfield, who was committed to Horsham gaol to take his trial at the next assizes. Documents (PRO: ASSI 35/251/4, PFN/1692)  held at the Public Record Office (PRO), show, on a list of prisoners for trial, “Samuel Lindfield, aged 39. Committed sixth October one thousand eight hundred and ten by John Lutman Ellis Esquire Coroner on view of the Body of Henry Naldret charged with the wilful Murder of the said Henry Naldret at the parish of Nuthurst.” The inquest into Naldrett’s death was held two days later and the full account is also in the PRO. This gives us, in the language so characteristic of the period, much more detail of the events of the fourth October:

“An Inquisition indented taken for our Sovereign Lord the King at the Parish of Nuthurst in the County of Sussex the Sixth day of October in the Fiftieth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith before John Lutman Ellis one of the Coroners of our said Lord the King for the said County on View of the Body of Harry Naldret then and there lying dead upon the Oath of Edward Henderson, James Charman, Thomas Harling, John Stone, James Nash, John Savage, James Turner, Henry Holland, William Pannett, William Child, Benjamin Waller, and James Turner, good and lawful Men of the said County duly chosen who being then and there duly sworn and charged to inquire for our said Lord the King when toward by what means the said Harry Naldret came to his Death do upon their Oath say that Samuel Lindfield (written above: puts himself Jury say not guilty nor fled acquitted) late of the parish of Nuthurst aforesaid in the County aforesaid Broommaker not having the fear of God before his eyes but moved and seduced by the Instigation of the devil on the fourth day of October in the year aforesaid with force and arms at the parish of Beeding otherwise Seal in the County aforesaid in and upon the said Harry Naldret in the peace of God and of our said Lord the King, then and there being feloniously wilfully and of his malice afourthought did make an assault and that the said Samuel Lindfield, a certain gun of the value of Ten Shillings charged and loaded with gunpowder and a quantity of leaden shot, which the said Samuel Lindfield then and there had and held in his both his hands, to and against the Body of him the said Harry Naldret did then and there shoot off and discharge by means whereof he the said Samuel Lindfield feloniously wilfully and of his malice afourthought did then and there give unto him the said Harry Naldret with the leaden shot aforesaid shot off and discharged out of the gun aforesaid in and upon the Body of him the said Harry Naldret one Mortal wound about four inches below the left breast of him the said Harry Naldret passing through the left lobe of the lungs lacerating the lower part of the heart and penetrating the right lobe of the lungs of him the said Harry Naldret of which said Mortal wound he the said Harry Naldret then and there died to wit, in the said Parish of Beeding otherwise Seal in the County aforesaid. And so the Jurors aforesaid upon their oath aforesaid do say that the said Samuel Lindfield him the said Harry Naldret in the manner and by the means aforesaid feloniously wilfully and of malice aforethought did kill and murder against the peace of our said Lord the King his Crown and dignity. In witness whereof as well the said Coroner as the Jurors aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and seals on the day and year at the place first above mentioned.

Jn: L: Ellis Coroner

The Jurors for our Lord the King upon their Oath present that Samuel Lindfield late of the Parish of Nuthurst in the County of Sussex Labourer not having the fear of God before his Eyes but being moved and seduced by the Instigation of the Devil on the fourth day of October in the fiftieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith with force and arms at the parish aforesaid in the County aforesaid in and upon Harry Naldret in the peace of God and our said Lord the King then and there being feloniously wilfully and of his malice afourthought did make an assault. And that the said Samuel Lindfield a certain Gun of the value of Ten Shillings charged with Gunpowder and leaden Shot to at and against the said Harry Naldret then and there feloniously wilfully and of his malice aforethought did shoot off and discharge. And that the said Samuel Lindfield with the leaden shot aforesaid out of the said Gun so shot off and discharged as aforesaid him the said Harry Naldret in and upon the left side of the Body of him the said Harry Naldret then and there feloniously wilfully and of his malice afourthought did strike penetrate and wound giving to him the said Harry Naldret then and there with the leaden shot aforesaid so shot off and discharged as aforesaid one Mortal wound in and upon the left side of the body of him the said Harry Naldret of the breadth of one inch and of the depth of ten inches of which said Mortal Wound he the said Harry Naldret then and there instantly died. And so the Jurors aforesaid upon their Oath aforesaid do say that the said Samuel Lindfield him the said Harry Naldret in manner and form aforesaid feloniously wilfully and of his malice aforethought did kill and Murder against the peace of our said Lord the King his Crown and Dignity.”

Samuel Lindfield was apparently detained at Horsham Gaol while awaiting trial, for we find an account (WSRO Quarter Sessions Records QR/W673 April 1811) of the bread “delivered to the Prisoners in his Majesty’s Gaol at Horsham from Oct 3rd 1810 to Jan 15th 1811.” This gives the names of the prisoners for whom the bread was supplied, “at 3 1/2d per pound by Charles Campion.” The bill for feeding him for this period of 104 days came to the princely sum of 3 0s 8d! Interestingly, there is also a RICHARD LINFIELD listed among the 10 prisoners; he was evidently there from December 10th, though these particular records give no indication of his crime.

In the records for Petworth House of Correction, we find a Return of Prisoners made at the last General Quarter Session held at Chichester on Tuesday Jan 15th 1811, which indicates that Samuel had been acquitted at Chichester Assizes on the grounds of insanity, and sentenced to be detained at Petworth:

Saml. Lindfield

“Acquitted at these Assizes of Felony and Murder, and the Jury having found that he was insane at the Time of the Comml. thereof and that they acquitted him on account of such insanity to be kept in strict custody in the House of Correction at Petworth.”

Expense of Maintenance: 12s 5 1/2d.

He apparently remained at Horsham gaol after January 15th, since Samuel and Richard also appear in the account (WSRO Quarter Sessions Records QR/W674 July 1811) for bread supplied in the period January 16 to April 23 of 1811. However, whilst Richard is shown as having been supplied with bread for the full 98 days, the account shows only 76 days for Samuel, suggesting that he was held elsewhere for about 3 weeks during that period. In fact, we find in the corresponding records for Petworth House of Correction, that he is shown as being held there from April 1st to the 23rd. Since we know that the Lent Assizes were held at Horsham in March 1811, we can see that he was probably removed to Petworth following confirmation of sentence at the beginning of April.

The records of the Lent Assizes (WSRO: ASSI 31/21. XC 5979 51st. Geo. 3d. 1811 at Horsham p.196 Tuesday morning continued in Crown Court) at Horsham show: “Puts himself Jury say not Guilty nor fled acquitted but being found insane at the time of committing the offence is ordered to be kept in strict custody in the House of Correction at Petworth until his Majestys pleasure shall be known. {Samuel Lindfield wilful Murder of Harry Naldret}”

Further evidence of Samuel’s detention at Petworth may be found in the accounts (WSRO: Quarter Session Records Horsham 1811 DR/WS75-1 “County Bills & Schedules” The western division of the County of Sussex Dr. to Geo. Holt) of bread supplied, and here we also find yet another Lindfield, one WILLIAM LINDFIELD, a deserter from the Militia: “To 2lbs of Bread to each and every Prisoner per day at Petworth House of Correction, which said 2lbs amount on average to 51/2d (Total 23 prisoners at 1014 days 23-4-9)…….” Included among these prisoners: “Saml. Linfield April 24th 1811 to July 16th 1811. 84 days at 51/2d per Day 1-18-6d ………. Wm Linfield June 1 1811 to July 16 1811, 46 days at 51/2d per Day. 1-1-1d.

Also in these papers we find the account of JAMES MANNINGS for conveying WILLIAM LINDFIELD to Petworth, and this tells us of his offence:

Indebted to James Mannings for conveying William Lindfield a Deserter from the West Regt Local Militia to Petworth Bridewell the first of June – fifteen miles at one shilling per mile: 15/-. Allowed by me JH Goble Chichester 1st July 1811

In the Calendar of the General Quarter Sessions to be held at Horsham on Tuesday July 16th 1811, we find Samuel and William again:

Prisoners Names: Samuel Lindfield – Remain according to former orders.

Expense of Maintenance: 1-18-6.

Prisoners Names: William Lindfield

Prisoners Crimes or Offences: Misdemeanour.

Time when committed: June 1st 1811.

By whom committed: JH Goble

For what time committed: for the space of 6 months unless he pays a penalty of 20.

Expense of Maintenance: 1-1-1.


Mr Albery notes in his article that it used to be said at this time of the harsh game laws “‘Tis safer to kill a man than a hare”, a phrase which then represented the current opinion of the magistrate’s ideas of the different value of mankind and game. He cites as evidence of this the fact that a lad of 14 years was sentenced to death for stealing a bank-note from a letter (a sentence afterwards commuted to transportation for life) whilst Lindfield was let off the capital punishment, and was sentenced to imprisonment during his Majesty’s pleasure. Certainly the records show that he was found to be insane, and Mr Albery suggests that this was on the grounds that as the lady in the case was thirty years old, hopelessly deformed, and otherwise ill favoured! Quite where this description came from we have yet to find out, but it is probably true to say that detention at His Majesty’s Pleasure would have been the normal sentence where the murderer was found to be insane.

An intriguing aspect of this case is the marriage of a DANIEL LINDFIELD and SARAH NOLDRED which took place at Slaugham on June 28 1808 – Daniel was, in all likelihood, the younger brother of Samuel, being baptised at Nuthurst on March 28th 1773. He married SARAH RANDLE, as his first wife, on December 15 1801 and they had four children, three of whom died very young. His wife died in November 1807, and was buried in the parish churchyard on November 15th. She was 27. What we need to find out now is whether Sarah Noldred was in any way related to Harry Naldret who was shot by Samuel in 1810. There has to be a very strong link here somewhere – indeed, in the 1841 Census, Daniel is shown as a labourer, aged 68, and his wife, Sarah as toll collector, living at Monks Gate!

Samuel Lindfield was born in 1770, the son of WILLIAM LINFIELD and SARAH PENFOLD and was the seventh of nine children. His grandparents were WILLIAM LINFIELD and SARAH DAVE who lived in Nuthurst and from whom the main Nuthurst Branch descend:

1. William LINFIELD #191 born bef 1706, married 14 Jun 1724, in Itchingfield, Sarah DAVE #192, born abt 1700, died 1779, Nuthurst, buried: 22 Feb 1779, Nuthurst. William died 1760, Nuthurst?, buried: 21 Oct 1760, Nuthurst.


2. i John LINFIELD #193 born 1724.
ii Mary LINFIELD #194 born 1725, Nuthurst, bp 20 Jan 1725, Nuthurst, died 14 Nov 1737, Nuthurst.
3. iii William LINFIELD #195 born 1727.
4. iv Peter LINFIELD #196 born 1734


Next Generation

2. John LINFIELD #193 born 1724, Nuthurst, bp 29 Oct 1724, Nuthurst, married 23 Jan 1750, in Nuthurst, Mary STONE #188, born Nuthurst?. John died abt 1796, Nuthurst. Probably the John Linfield whose lands are shown on a Plan of Freehold Estate belonging to John Linfield Esq; D Raine 26.6″ to 1 mile, [WSRO Add MS 1999. A copy is also held by Horsham Museum.]


i Jane LINFIELD #1972 born 1754, bp 4 Jun 1754, Nuthurst.
ii Mary LINFIELD #190 born 1759, Nuthurst, bp 5 Jan 1759, Nuthurst, died 1779, Nuthurst, buried: 20 Nov 1779, Nuthurst.


3. William LINFIELD #195 born 1727, Nuthurst, bp 29 Feb 1727, Nuthurst, married 20 Jan 1756, in Nuthurst, Sarah PENFOLD #197, died 1779, Nuthurst, buried: 22 Feb 1779, Nuthurst.


i William LINFIELD #198 born 1756, Nuthurst, bp 3 Nov 1756, Nuthurst. Possibly the Wm Linfield who married Ruth Roberson at St Bartholemew Hyde, Winchester on 12 August 1781. Wm L shown as of Sussex Militia.[Source: Sussex Strays (marriages) in Hants and Surrey, extracted by Alan McGowan SFH Sept 83] Would make him 25 in 1781. No proof to confirm this, but it is interesting to note that the witnesses to the marriage of Daniel Linfield and Sarah Noldred in 1808 are ‘William Lindfield’ and ‘Ruth Lindfield’ who may be the same people. (Both made their mark in the register).
ii Peter Linfield #199 born 1758, Nuthurst, bp 12 Jul 1758, Nuthurst, died 1773, Nuthurst, buried: 26 Nov 1773, Nuthurst.
5 iii James LINFIELD #200 born 1760.
iv Sarah Linfield #208 born 1762, Nuthurst, bp 30 May 1762, Nuthurst, married 12 Feb 1789, in Nuthurst, Henry Ball #740.
6 v Henry Linfield #201 born 1765.
vi Thomas Linfield #739 born 1768, Nuthurst, died 1768, Nuthurst.
vii Samuel LINFIELD #202 born 1770, Nuthurst, bp 28 Jan 1770, Nuthurst, married Aug 1795, in Nuthurst, Mary PURVEY #207, born Nuthurst?. Samuel died 1829, buried: 7 Jan 1829, Nuthurst. Presumably the Samuel LINDFIELD (sic) who carried out the murder at Monks Gate of Henry (Harry) NALDRETT on 6 October 1810. He was sentenced at Horsham Assizes 26 March 1811 to be detained at His Majesty’s pleasure, after being declared non compos mentis. Age at time of trial given as 39. [Assize Records at PRO]
7 viii Daniel LINFIELD #73 born abt 1773.
ix Ruth Linfields #203 born 1775, Nuthurst, bp 1 Oct 1775, Nuthurst.


4. Peter LINFIELD #196 born 1734, Nuthurst, bp 8 Sep 1734, Nuthurst, occupation Butcher, married (1) 26 Dec 1758, in West Grinstead, Mary Hedgecock #737, born abt 1740, West Grinstead, died 23 Oct 1764, West Chiltington, married (2) 2 Oct 1766, in West Chiltington, Sarah SAYERS #738, born 1744, died 25 Sep 1805, Storrington. Peter died 1791, Storrington, buried: 29 Dec 1791, Storrington. Will 1792, Chichester vol 44 page 370. pr 1792 as of Storrington Of Palmers Farm, West Chiltington and of Storrington [Stanford Smith]. Went to W. Chiltington in 1759. Mary Offer has birth as 1736. Surety in 1761, 1771 and 1776, as “of Chiltington”. In 1787, consents to the marriage of his dau Ann, said to be of Storrington then. Widower when he married Sarah Sayers in 1766. Ch wdn W Chilt’ton. Sarah: Will 1805


Children by Mary Hedgecock:
i Joseph Linfield #1823 born 1759, died 1759.
ii Sarah Linfield #1824 born 1761.
Children by Sarah SAYERS:
iii John Linfield #1373 born 1767, died 1767.
iv Anne Linfield #1821 born 1768, Storrington, married 1787, in Storrington?, John Hughes #1822.
8 v William LINFIELD #796 born 1769.
vi Lucy Linfield #1374 born 14 Mar 1771, died 23 Feb 1797.
vii Luke Linfield #1825 born 1773, died 1773.
9 viii Edward LINFIELD #1375 born 13 Aug 1774.
10 ix Thomas LINFIELD #1376 born 19 Apr 1776.
x James Linfield #1377 born 1778, died 1836, Worthing?, buried: 8 May 1836, Storrington. Spelt Lindfield in burial index. Age given as 58, of Worthing.
xi Hannah Linfield #1378 born abt 1778.
xii Peter Lindfield #806 born abt 1781, Storrington, bp 21 May 1781, Storrington, married 29 Aug 1803, in Wimbledon, Sarah Glover #808, born abt 1780, Wimbledon. Peter died 1828, Storrington, buried: 12 May 1828, Storrington. Age 47 according to pr of burial. HSS gives date of death as 1841 or 47.Sarah: Also prev shown as #1909. Name shown on HSS tree as Susan
xiii Henry LINFIELD #1379 born 1785, died q1—1849, {Reg: Thakeham}. Death reg opcs/d vii391.
xiv Elizabeth Linfield #1380 born 1788.


Next Generation

5. James LINFIELD #200 born 1760, Nuthurst, Sussex, bp 20 Apr 1760, Nuthurst, Sussex, married 20 Nov 1788, in Nuthurst, Elizabeth BOTTING #204, born abt 1771, bp 23 Jun 1771, Horsham, Sussex, died 1854, buried: 21 Jul 1854, Nuthurst, Sussex. James died abt 1796, Nuthurst, Sussex, buried: 25 Mar 1796, Nuthurst, Sussex. Possibly the James L referred to on p 501 of “Smugglers and Smuggling”, living at New Lodge?


i William LINFIELD #742 born 1789, bp 19 Apr 1789, Horsham.
ii Ann LINFIELD #205 born 1792, Nuthurst, bp 12 Feb 1792, Nuthurst, married 21 May 1810, in Horsham, Thomas WADEY #723, died Lower Beeding?. Ann died 9 Apr 1854, Lower Beeding. Alberta Strasser #15367 descends from this marriage.
iii Samuel LINFIELD #743 born 1794, bp 24 Aug 1794, Horsham.
iv Henry LINFIELD #206 born 1796, Nuthurst, bp 12 Jun 1796, Nuthurst, occupation Clothier, married (1) 21 Nov 1820, in St. Lukes, Old St, Finsbury, Mary WALLS #724, born 1789, died Feb 1826, buried: 15 Feb 1826, Croydon, married (2) 26 Jul 1842, in St James, Westminster, Harriett Ann FIELD #726, (daughter of John Field #1977) living: 5 Nov 1873, 136 Marine Parade, Brighton. Henry died 5 Nov 1873, 136 Marine Parade, Brighton, buried: 11 Nov 1873, Woodvale Rd Cemy, Brighton. Shown as aged 77 on death cert. Also entered as #6826 grom IGI import. Death ref opcs/d 2b110.Mary: Aged 37 at death [mgl]. Also entered as #6827 from IGI import.
Harriett: Was a widow when she married Henry in 1842. Shown as informant on death cert of Henry in 1873, address given as Marine Parade. Also given as Plumrose [Mary Ellmore].


6. Henry Linfield #201 born 1765, Nuthurst, bp 2 Jun 1765, Nuthurst, married 15 Apr 1800, in Nuthurst, Sarah Pannett #741.


i Jane Linfield #1973 born 1800, bp 21 Apr 1800, Nuthurst, died 1800, buried: 27 Apr 1800, Nuthurst.
ii Elizabeth Linfield #1974 born 1801, bp 19 Apr 1801, Nuthurst.
iii Mary Linfield #1975 born 1804, Horsham, bp 6 May 1804, Horsham.
iv Frances Linfield #1976 born 1810, Horsham, bp 4 Mar 1810, Horsham.


7. Daniel LINFIELD #73 born abt 1773, bp 28 Mar 1773, Nuthurst, occupation Labourer?, married 15 Dec 1801, in Nuthurst, Sarah RANDLE #74, born 1780, Lower Beeding, died 1807?, Nuthurst, buried: 15 Nov 1807?, Nuthurst. Daniel died 1807, Nuthurst?, buried: 15 Nov 1807, Nuthurst, living: Lower Beeding. A Daniel Lindfield is shown in 1841 census, aged 68, with wife Sarah at Monkes Gate (sic). He is shown as a labourer and she as Toll collector. See also the case of the murder at Monks Gate of Naldrett, carried out on 4 October 1810 by Samuel LINDFIELD who was courting the dau of the Toll Collector; see #202. Burial record poss relates to another Daniel d 1807.

Sarah: Possibly the Sarah L of Beeding who died, aged 27, buried Nov 15, 1807 Said by Mary Ellmore to have died shortly after birth of last child.


i Henry LINDFIELD #75 born 1802, Nuthurst, bp 4 Apr 1802, Nuthurst, occupation Schoolmaster, married 19 Dec 1824, in Cowfold, Mary Ann STONER #973, born 1804, Lower Beeding, died 1 Aug 1871, Brighton Hospital, Sussex, buried: 6 Aug 1871, Nuthurst. Henry died 13 Apr 1866, Nuthurst, Sussex, buried: 18 Apr 1866, Nuthurst. Henry and Mary Ann shown in 1851 census in Mannings Heath with children Peter 11, and Jane 4. Nuthurst Parish Register shows him as a schoolmaster at the time of dau Sarah’s baptism, “now of Cowfold but customarily of Nuthurst”.
ii James LINDFIELD #76 born abt 1804, bp 29 May 1804, Nuthurst, died 1804, Nuthurst, buried: 31 May 1804, Nuthurst.
iii Elizabeth LINFIELD #77 born abt 1805, bp 22 Dec 1805, Nuthurst, died ?1806, Beeding?, buried: 11 Apr 1806, Nuthurst.
iv William LINDFIELD #78 born abt 1807, bp 15 Jul 1807, Nuthurst, died 1807, Nuthurst, buried: 20 Sep 1807, Nuthurst.


8. William LINFIELD #796 born 1769, Storrington, bp 24 Oct 1769, Storrington, occupation Butcher, married 14 Jun 1803, in Storrington, Harriet Stanford #797, born abt 1784, (daughter of Richard Stanford #2069) died 1835, Storrington, buried: 25 Mar 1835, Storrington. William died 1835, buried: 6 Dec 1835, Storrington. Subject of an assignment 26 Aug 1815 from John Butterworth of Bermondsey Southwark, leather factor, in respect of the residue of 1000 year term in trust for Thomas Chatfield; details of property see MS [Wiston Cat. MS 2984] Harriet: Shown as aged 50 in burial record.


i William Lindfield #810 born 1803, Storrington?, bp 28 Oct 1803, Storrington, ref: CR51, occupation Maltster, married 19 Jan 1830, in Storrington, Ann MARK #813, born abt 1808, Compton, ref: CR51, living: 1851, Storrington. William died abt 1851, living: 30 Mar 1851, Storrington. Shown age 49 in CR51; spelling shown as LINFIELD, bn Storrington [SFHG Index]Ann: Witnesses at marr: Mary Stanford L and James Lindfield HSS/MGL have name as Ann Nash.
ii Henry LINFIELD #803 born 1805, Storrington, bp 17 Feb 1805, Storrington, ref: CR51, occupation Farmer, married (1) 29 May 1829, in Shermanbury, Lucy Matthews #804, born 1807, Shermanbury, died 1843, married (2) 1844, Martha Neale #1425, married (3) 1847, Maria Frances PESKETT #1427, born abt 1809, Billingshurst, ref: CR51,fo169, died q4—1898, Barnet, living: 1851, Storrington. Henry living: 1851, Storrington. Of Hurstone St, Storrington [hss] Spelling prev shown as LINDFIELD. Shown in CR51 as aged 46, bn Storrington [SFHG Index, fo shown as 169] Prev shown as died 1848 [Stanford Smith info].Lucy: Marriage shown by Malcolm as 5th May at Thakeham

Maria: Shown in CR51 as aged 42, bn Billingshurst. Death ref opcs/d 3a145; age 91.

iii Peter Stanford LINFIELD #1413 born 1806, bp 1 Oct 1806, Storrington, occupation Stockbroker, married Elizabeth STEWART #1429, born 1810, Bognor, Sussex, died 13 Jun 1882, 7 Peak Hill Ave, Sydenham, Kent, living: 1881, 7 Peak Hill Ave, Sydenham, Kent. Peter died 11 Aug 1874, 10 Canonbury Terrace, Islington, buried: 18 Aug 1874, living: Cannonbury Terrace, Islington. Will pr 7 Sept 1874 Prin Reg; effects valued greater than 12000; shows him as late of 10 Canonbury Terrace, Islington, gent, d at that address. Will pr by Eliz L of 10 C T, widow, relict and sole exec.[Probate records Somerset House] Death ref opcs/d 1b206; age given as 67.Elizabeth: Will pr 14 July 1882 P/R by Charles WHITFIELD of 7 Peak Hill Ave, gent, Stanford Fredk L of Sandown, draper & Emily HOBDEN of Olive Hse, Uckfield, widow, the execs; value 19,433 14s 6d. Resworn Jan 1883 22,102 13s 7d. [Probate records Somerset House]. CR71 shows her aged 70, bn Bognor, widow; independant property. Servant shown as Charity THORPE, 27 bn Lewes, unmarried; [CR81 Lewisham Dist RG11/736]
iv Mary Stanford LINDFIELD #809 born 1808, Storrington, bp 10 Jul 1808, Storrington, married (1) 17 Mar 1831, in Storrington, Thomas Turner #814, born 1808, died 1842, married (2) 1853?, Edward Braby #1435, born 1795, died 1875. Mary died 1883. Witnesses at marr: Henry and Jane TurnerThomas: Martha Turner prev shown as dau. #1432
v Richard Linfield #1415 born 1810, bp 2 May 1810, Storrington, died 1813, buried: 15 Aug 1813, Storrington.
vi Thomas LINFIELD #1416 born 8 May 1812, Storrington, bp 1 Jun 1812, Storrington, ref: CR51, occupation Butcher, married Sarah CARPENTER #1826, born abt 1816, Amberley, Sussex, England, ref: CR51, died 25 Apr 1886, Storrington, buried: 29 Apr 1886, Storrington, living: 1851, Storrington. Thomas died 11 May 1884, Storrington, buried: 19 May 1884, Storrington, living: 1851, Storrington. Shown CR51 as bn Storrington, aged 38 [SFHG Index fo 146]Sarah: Aged 70 at death [MI] Shown as aged 36 in CR51 [SFHG Index fo 146]
vii John LINDFIELD #798 born 1814, Storrington, bp 30 Nov 1814, Storrington, died 1835, buried: 14 Apr 1835, Storrington. Twin of Anne #1417. Also entered as #3666 from Teviots Burial Index. Age given as 20 in burial record [Burial Index, 1813-37; Lord and Lady Teviot]
viii Ann Linfield #1417 born 1814, bp 30 Nov 1814, Storrington, married 17 Apr 1838, John Morton #2071. Ann died bef 1881. Died between 1866 and 1881 [hss]. Unmarried. Twin of John #798.
ix George Lindfield #799 born 1816, Storrington, bp 16 Jul 1816, Storrington, died 1841, buried: 30 Aug 1841, Storrington.
x Emily Lindfield #800 born 1819, Storrington, bp 22 Jul 1819, Storrington, married 13 Jan 1855, in Christ Church, Camberwell, Surrey, John Hobden #2072, born bef 1835, Uckfield, (son of John Hobden #4102) occupation Solicitor, living: 1855. Emily living: 1855, Albert Terrace, Camberwell?. Shown as spinster of full age of Albert Terrace, on marriage in 1855.[Par Reg]John: Shown as widower, gent. of Nuffield (sic) Sx. of full age at marriage in 1855 Father shown as John Hobden, builder. Married by licence.
xi Jane Linfield #1418 born 1823, bp 9 May 1823, Storrington, died bef 1859, living: 1855, Camberwell?. Poss same as #5183 md Greenwich 1857 opcs/m 1d748.
xii Mark LINFIELD #801 born 1825, Storrington, bp 9 Jun 1825, Storrington, occupation Draper, married Mabel HALL #1444, born abt 1827, died q3—1883, Ventnor? {Reg: IOW}. Mark died 28 Mar 1909, Shanklin, I.O.W. Exec of will of bro Stanford pr 5 Feb 1890; shown as draper, High St,Ventnor. Sole exec of will of son Mark Jan 1883.Mabel: Death ref opcs/d 2b338; age given as 56.
xiii Stanford Frederick LINFIELD #802 born 1829, Storrington, bp 1 Feb 1829, Storrington, married q3—1876, in IOW, marr ref: opcs/m 2b923, —– —– #1917, ref: OPCS 2b923. Stanford died 14 Nov 1889, Newport, IOW, buried: 1889. Marriage Q3 1876, ref 2b 923. Witness at marriage of sister Emily in 1855. Spelling prev shown as Lindfield. No proof that first marriage record relates to the same Stanford Frederick. Will pr 5 Feb 1890 at P/R, 4555 0s 8d; shown as formerley of London House, Sandown.
xiv Elizabeth Linfield #1380 born 1788.


9. Edward LINFIELD #1375 born 13 Aug 1774, West Chiltington, Sussex, England, ref: CR51, occupation Butcher, married 7 Jul 1801, in Sullington, Sussex, England, Hannah HAYLER #1387, born 1773, South Stoke, ref: CR51, died 1856, living: 1851, Sullington. Edward died 13 Jan 1861, Washington, Sussex, living: 1851, Sullington. Eric shows a possible 12th child George bn 1810, d 1812. Shown in CR51 as aged 78, bn West Chiltington. Living 1812 Sullington [source: Thakeham Manor Court Book, 1812, WSRO Add MS 2298]

Hannah: Shown in CR51 as aged 78, bn South Stoke [SFHG Index]


i Harriett LINFIELD #5648 born abt 1796, bp 1796, Sullington.
ii Thomas Hayler LINFIELD #5643 born abt 1798, bp 28 Mar 1798, South Stoke. IGI has two entries; Thos H Lindfield 24 March 1798 and Thos H Linfield 24 Mar 1799, both at South Stoke and both with parents Edward and Hannah. Poss same as #40 who married Sarah Funnell in 1819. Bp prev shown as 24th.; Eric shows 28th in corrections Oct 1993.
5 iii William LINFIELD #1388 born 1798, Washington, Sussex, ref: CR51, married (1) 11 Oct 1824, in Thakeham, Sussex, Sarah COMPER #1402, born abt 1805, Thakeham, Sussex, ref: CR51, living: 1851, Washington, Sussex, married (2) 8 Sep 1866, in Warminghurst, Louisa BAKER #908. William died 1868, Washington, Sussex, buried: 1 Oct 1868, Washington, Sussex, living: 1851, Washington, Sussex. Described as son of Edwd L, butcher on marriage in 1866. CR51 shows him aged 53, bn Storrington [SFHG Index, fo 262]Sarah: Shown in CR51 as bn Thakeham, aged 46.

Louisa: Prev shown incorrectly as married to Wm Lindfield #907. Shown as widow on marriage in 1866.

iv Edward LINFIELD #1393 born 1801, died 1821, buried: 11 Mar 1821, Sullington, living: 1821, Water Lane, Sullington. Age at death given as 20; address as Water Lane [Burial Index, 1813-37; Lord and Lady Teviot].
6 v Sarah LINFIELD #1390 born 1806, died 23 Oct 1859.
vi Henry LINFIELD #1394 born 1807, Warminghurst?, occupation Shepherd, married (1) 3 Jan 1830, Francis GOODYER #1830, born abt 1808, Warminghurst?, died 1834, married (2) 30 Oct 1841, Jane WHEATLAND #1395. Henry died 1878. HSS describes him as of WarminghurstJane: Prev shown as WHEATFIELD.
vii Mary LINFIELD #1827 born 1808.
7 viii Elizabeth LINFIELD #1828 born 1809, died 1809.
ix Peter LINFIELD #1392 born 1810, Storrington, ref: CR51, occupation Master Gardener, married Sarah WOODS #1845, born abt 1823, Sullington, living: 1851, Sullington. Peter died bef 1871, living: 1851, Sullington. Shown as employing 2 men in CR61. Age shown as 40 in CR51, bn Storrington.Sarah: Living with Sarah, Peter and Mary Jane in 1871 census at Palmers House Cott., W Chiltington.
x James LINFIELD #1829 born 1812, married 19 Sep 1840, in Washington, Sussex, Rhoda MARTIN #5651, born abt 1820. James died q3—1842, {Reg: Thakeham}.
xi Christopher LINFIELD #1391 born 1815, died q4—1845, Thakeham, Sussex.


10. Thomas LINFIELD #1376 born 19 Apr 1776, married 7 Jul 1801, in Storrington, Sussex, Elizabeth Joan Skinner #14831, born abt 1776. Died when son Ralph was a few months old according to a letter from Ralph Parkinson LINFIELD to Carey Hampton BORRER in 1882.


i Ralph LINFIELD #1568 born abt 1810, bp 4 May 1810, Richmond, Surrey, occupation Ironmonger, married 9 Jul 1842, in Hemsworth, West Yorks, marr ref: opcs/m xxii251, Pontefract, Yorks, Sarah PARKINSON #1569, born abt 1809, Hemsworth, West Yorks, (daughter of Paul PARKINSON #14971 and —– —– #14972) died 13 May 1881, Wakefield, Yorks, living: 1866, Wakefield, Yorks. Ralph died 25 Feb 1866, Wakefield, Yorks, living: 1842, Wakefield, Yorks. Prob bp. 4 May 1810 Richmond, Surrey, s. of Thomas/Elizabeth [igi] NOT PROVED. Poss desc of #1047? Will pr 28 Mar 1866, estate less than 2000 on oath of Sarah LINFIELD wid & relict, sole exec. [Probate records Somerset House] Poss same as #8053. #3415 is also poss son. Death reg opcs/d 9c41, age 55. NO PROOF THAT HE IS SON OF THESE PARENTS. Only evidence for linking with these parents is that father is shown on mc as Thomas, butcher, and this Thos comes from family of butchers. No evidence to connect with bp at Richmond 1810, but name of father and date are right.Shown in 1853 at Silver Street, Wakefield, as ironmonger, whitesmith, brazier and tinner. [Directory and Gazetteer of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield, and the whole of the Clothing Districts, of the West Riding of Yorkshire, by William White. Sheffield, 1853: pp357, 362, 366. from FONS]

Sarah: Death ref opcs/d 9c37; age given as 72. Her own will pr 31 May 1881 by son Rev Ralph Parkinson LINFIELD, sole exec.; estate valued at

ii John LINFIELD #7292 born abt 1812, Egham?, bp 30 AUG 1812, Egham, Surrey, England, occupation Licensed Victualler, married Elizabeth —– #15118, born abt 1805, Lewes, Sussex, living: 30 Mar 1851, 30 Liverpool Terrace, Islington. John living: 30 Mar 1851, 30 Liverpool Terrace, Islington. Prev shown as son of Thos & MARY, #7294/3 from IGI import. Shown as aged 38, born Egham, Surrey, licensed victualler in 1851 census. [Census HO 107/1500 f669v; PRO. Islington Dist, enum dist 64 no 13.] NOT PROVED TO BE SON OF THESE PARENTS; PARENTS SHOWN AS THOS AND MARY IN IGI.Elizabeth: Shown as aged 46, bn Lewes, in CR51.
iii Thomas LINDFIELD #4632 born 1813, Egham, Surrey, occupation Publican, married Mary A —– #4760, born 1812, Pontefract, Yorks. Thomas died 7 Nov 1865, Hove {Reg: Steyning, Sussex}, living: 1851, Brighton, Sussex. Poss father of #4629/4628/4631? [same census refs] NOT PROVED Wife poss Mary A —- bn 1812 Pontefract, Yorks [same census ref] Marr cert for John #4758 shows father as Thos; occpn of Jn & Thos as publicans – address as 66 North St. Poss the Thomas bp 17 Sept 1815 Newington St Mary, s of Thos/Mary [IGI]. NO EVIDENCE OTHER THAN LOCATION FOR HIM BEING S OF #1376. Death ref opcs/d 2b164; NOT PROVED BUT ONLY OTHER THOS THIS QTR IS CUCKFIELD.



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  1. My great great grandfather Thomas Lindfield #4632 was baptised in 1816 in Egham, having been born in Englefield Green. His wife was Mary Ann Waterton.

  2. Thomas Lindfield from Englefield Green was the first Landlord of the Freemasons pub in Western Rd Hove in early 1850’s until he passed it down to
    Search wikipedia – Freemasons Tavern Hove

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