Lost Emigrants

Among the various lists of passengers and emigrants, there are to be found several who seem to be worthy of further investigation. For example, in the year 1702, we find Francis and John Linfield recorded as immigrants to Bath County, North Carolina. (Ref. 1) The records also show the names of those who brought people to the County, who were apparently rewarded by being granted land. In the case of Francis and John, the person named is one William Brice, who is shown as having brought six people on June 22nd, 1702. As well as Francis and John, there were William and Ann Brice, and Elizabeth and David Depee. The records do not give any further details. The 1984 issue of the International Genealogical Index (IGI) does not have any Linfield or Lindfield entries for North Carolina, and I have not yet checked the vital records for that period. It would be interesting to know what happened to Francis and John, and whether they married and had issue. As yet, I can find no clues as to their origins in England, assuming of course that they came from England in the first place.

Some 50 years previously, another pair of Linfields appear as immigrants to North America. (Ref. 2) They were called Nicholas and Richard, and are shown as arriving in Virginia in 1652. The patentee, or person bringing them over, is shown as John Meredith of Lancaster County. In this case, however, we are able to make a tentative connection to the English roots. There were two cousins called Nicholas and Richard, who would have been the right age in 1652, on the basis that single men in their twenties or thirties would have been more able, and more inclined, to leave their homeland for a distant and relatively unknown continent. The details we have of this part of the tree are based upon the research carried out by Michael Burchell, formerly of the East Sussex Records Office, who was himself descended from this branch.

According to the Burchell tree, the two cousins were both descended from George Linfield as follows:

1. George Linfield #343 born abt 1546, bp. 21 May 1546, Bolney, married (1) Unknown #359, married (2) 16 Jan 1594, in Ardingly, Ann Faulconer #148, bp. 10 May 1573, Chailey, (daughter of Walter Faulconer #159 and Jane —— #160) died 8 Feb 1641, Chailey, buried Chailey. Ann: One of about 8 children of Walter & Jane F of Chailey. Name given as Agnes Falkner by Michael Burchell. Marriage given (as 16 Jan 1593) in Sussex Genealogies. Mentioned in fathers will 1580.
children by Unknown:
i John Linfield #360 born 1582, bp. 14 Jan 1582, Bolney, died 1582, Bolney. The Bolney pr shows “John and John, the sons of George Lyndfield bapt at home on the 14th January 1581, and buried XV day.”
ii John Linfield #361 born 1582, bp. 14 Jan 1582, Bolney, died 1582, Bolney, buried 1582, Bolney.
iii Ann Linfield #362 born 1586, Bolney, bp. 12 May 1586, Bolney. SRS Vol XV Bolney Parish Registers.
iv John Linfield #363 bp. 5 Nov 1587, Bolney.
v George Linfield #364 bp. 30 Mar 1589, Bolney.
2. vi William Linfield #365.
3. vii Michael Linfield #366.
children by Ann Faulconer:
4. viii George Linfield #358.
Second Generation
2. William Linfield #365 bp. 27 Sep 1590, Bolney, married 16 Jan 1609, in Ardingly, Johan Hooke #372. William died 1640, buried 30 Mar 1640, Cuckfield. Churchwarden Balcombe 1624 Lived Cuckfield 1640. Burial recorded in SRS vol xiii. Will 16 Mar 1640, pr. 20 Apr 1640 (Lewes A27.9).
5. i Joseph Linfield #373 born bef 1640.
ii George Linfield #374 born 1619, bp. 28 Mar 1619.
iii Phillipe Linfield #375 born bef 1640.
iv Elizabeth Linfield #376 bp. 21 Jan 1616, West Hoathly.
v Joane Linfield #377 bp. 5 Jun 1618, West Hoathly.
vi Nicholas Linfield #378 bp. 29 Oct 1625, Ardingly, from Balcombe, died aft 1652, Virginia, USA?. A Nicholas and a Richard Linfield are listed as immigrants to Virginia in 1652 with the “patentee or person bringing them over” shown as John Meredith. NOT PROVED TO BE THE SAME NICHOLAS BAPT ARDINGLY. See notes on #412 Richd. L.
3. Michael Linfield #366 bp. 2 Apr 1592, Bolney, occpn. Husbandsman, married 7 Sep 1617, in West Hoathly, Barbara Payne #367. Husbandman of West Hoathly, will 1 Feb 1664.
i Margaret Linfield #368 bp. 28 Nov 1630, West Hoathly.
ii Elizabeth Linfield #369 bp. 27 Apr 1634, West Hoathly, died aft 1660, Massachussetts???. Possibly the Elizabeth Linfield involved in lawsuit 1660 against Jn Whittaker of Cambridge, Massachussetts. She had claimed that he had promised to marry her and was refusing to honour that promise. [Boston State Archives; 1660-28-2- 28 IIA, quoted (incorrectly) in Bond’s Genealogies & History of Watertown 2nd edn p652.] See also #1622 which also fits the dates. NO CONNECTION PROVED Also a cousin of Rich. & Nich. who poss. emigrated to VA 1652; see #412 & #378
iii Ann Linfield #370. Unmarried 1664
iv Jane Linfield #371. Married —Kilner before 1664
4. George Linfield #358 bp. 30 Jan 1597, Ardingly, married Ann ____ #410, living 1662, Hurstpierpoint. George died bef 1662, Hurstpierpoint?. Lived Horsted Keynes 1628, Maresfield 1632
i Joane Linfield #411 bp. 30 Mar 1623, West Hoathly.
ii Richard Linfield #412 bp. 15 Apr 1628, West Hoathly, died aft 1652, Virginia, USA?. NOT PROVED TO BE THE RICHARD WHO WENT TO VIRGINIA IN 1652. However this Richd was first cousin to Nicholas #378 and the ages are right for the two of them. See note on #378.
iii John Linfield #413 born abt 1620. Father of John Lindfield who married Susan Avery. (See article by Mary Offer in this issue.)
iv George Linfield #414 died abt 1631.
v Edmund Linfield #415 born abt 1630. Theory: could George #694 be son of Edmund? NO EVIDENCE.
vi Agnes Linfield #416 died abt 1626.
vii George Linfeild #94 born abt 1635.

Whilst the evidence for this theory is somewhat circumstantial, it does seem quite likely that the Richard and Nicholas who appeared in Virginia were in fact the cousins detailed above. Certainly, no further record seems to exist of their lives in England, in the form of marriage or death entries in parish registers.

If any readers have researched any of these emigrants, or believe that they might be descended from them, we would obviously be very interested to hear from them.


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