On The Street Where You Live

Have you ever given any thought to the origin of the name of road you live in? A little research may reveal fascinating stories behind the naming of a particular road, even if at first sight the name seems mundane. Names such as “Station Road” are obvious in their derivation, as, more gruesomely, are the occurrences of “Gibbet Hill” which one occasionally comes across. They derive from physical features which are, or once were, a prominent local landmark. Nearer in time, Kingsbury in NW London, an area long covered in suburban housing, has an “Aerodrome Road”, deriving from the old Stag Lane Continue reading

Longshot Vol 5, No. 2

Happy Birthday, LONG, by Alan Lindfield
On the Street Where You Live, by Alan M Linfield
Jomo Kenyatta, by Malcolm Linfield
Miscellany (2): Reflections from the President, by Eric Linfield
The LONG Collection of Newspaper & Magazine Cuttings (Part 2), by Malcolm Linfield
Book Review, by Rosemary Milton
The Winds of Change, by E Mary Offer
The Postcard Index, by Alan Lindfield
Military Records, by Alan Lindfield
The Last Word

Front Cover: Martha Lindfield. See The Winds of Change, by Mary Offer on page 71