Longshot Vol 12, No. 2

Peeps into the Past …
Portrait Gallery
A History of the firm of AG Linfield of West Sussex, Fruit Growers, Market Gardeners and Mushroom Producers. Part 1: The Early Years, by Malcolm Linfield
A Comparison, of sorts . . . by Malcolm Linfield
Lin(d)field Miscellanies (4), by Malcolm Linfield
The Misadventures (and Descendants) of Elizabeth Linfield and John Whittaker (Part 2), by Dolores Christophel D’Errico 70

Front cover: the opening ceremony of the new Wesleyan Church at Steyne Gardens, Worthing on June 20th 1900. The site in Brighton Road was purchased in August 1897 and was intended as a replacement for the old Wesleyan Chapel in Bedford Row. The photograph depicts the “Presentation of Keys” ceremony, which took place in front of the Church doors at 3pm. The keys were presented to Mrs AG Linfield and Mrs J Frampton who proceeded to unlock the doors. The future of this delightful church is currently under threat and it may eventually close and be demolished.