Serendipity – The Corporal of Abu Klea

While most material uncovered by family historians is the result of painstaking research, once in a while the odd gem comes to light purely fortuitously. This happened to me a few months ago when I was in the Public Record Office examining Lin(d)field military records. I was idly browsing among the military reference books while awaiting the arrival of some documents when I spotted a small thin volume entitled The Abu Klea Medal Roll. This immediately caught my interest, because although territorial recruitment was still in its infancy in 1885 (the year of the battle), I knew that a significant proportion of the British force involved in it was made up of the Royal Sussex Regiment, and it was therefore just possible that a Lin(d)field could appear on the roll. I was therefore highly gratified (and excited) to be rewarded with the mention of a Corporal H J Lindfield, not as it turned out a member of the Royal Sussex but of the Medical Service Corps, (a forerunner of the RAMC), so presumably a medical orderly. Why my excitement? Most people today have never heard of this battle and its significance has been long forgotten, so some explanation is necessary. Continue reading

Longshot Vol 4, No. 1

Serendipity, or The Corporal of Abu Klea, by Alan M Linfield
Don’t Forget the Ecclesiastical Courts, by Malcolm Linfield
Henry Gordon Linfield (1889-1975), by Peggy Champ
The Caesar Connection
Part 1: Ann Caesar, by Mary Ellmore
Part 2: The Origin of the Caesars, by Malcolm Linfield
The Sands of Time, by Alan G Lindfield
The Linfield Library of Humour, by Malcolm Linfield
The Early Linfields, by Alan G Lindfield
Recent Discoveries, by Alan G Lindfield

Front Cover: William Linfield, 1822-1892, who married Ann Caesar in 1850. See articles on pages 13 and 15