Linfield families of Twillingate, Newfoundland

The Lin(d)field One Name Group would like to contact any descendants of Robert Linfield who emigrated to Twillingate from Marnhull, Dorset in 1793. We have a lot of information about the descendants, but are still seeking clues as to the English origins of the family.

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  1. I am researching my boyfriends family tree. Surname ANDREWS. His G-G Grandfather Robert Linfield ANDREWS (married Eliza Jane GARLAND) was born in Canada as was his G-G Grandfather Charles Garland ANDREWS. Roberts Parents were Charles ANDREWS and Mary Ann LAW. A census report of them in Canada shows them with a “boarder” named Robert LINFIELD. Charles and Mary were in their 60’s and this man was about 20 years older. Given the name of Charles and Mary’s son being decades prior to this census and the names matching. I am thinking their sons name is not only a family surname, middle name of a paternal or maternal Grandmother, but possibly named after an Uncle of his mother or father? Can’t find the connection. I do see that the families not only lived in the same area in Canada, but also in Dorset England if my research is correct. I would love to give this information to my boyfriend for a Christmas gift. Any assistance or ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You for your time,
    Sandy Flake
    Lone Tree, Iowa

  2. Hi,

    I would like to have some more information on the Lindfields. My great -great grandmother was Ann Lindfield. Looking to confirm that it was indeed Ann Lindfield and as much information I can on the family. Ann married Joseph Rowsell.

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