Lily Linfield 1893

Lily Lindfield, Dancer

Another of the various items we have acquired through Internet trading sites, is a page from The Sketch. This was an illustrated weekly newspaper, mainly covering the aristocracy and high society. It was published from 1893 until 1959 by the same organisation that produced the Illustrated London News – itself another valuable source of articles for local and family history. It carried regular features on royalty and the aristocracy, theatre, cinema and the arts and was always well illustrated with photographs. Continue reading

The Lindfields of Chailey, Part 3: Katherine – Saint or Sinner?

My father once remarked, when reminiscing about the past that, “most families seemed to have a simple daughter, who was kept at home, to look after the house and care for the elderly parents”. However, despite this, the only unmarried women our researches had discovered so far had been qualified as seamstresses, milliners, and in one case as a teacher. Continue reading

The Lindfields of Chailey, Part 2: The Story of Sarah Bridger

My curiosity about the elaborate dresses in the old family photograph remained and, to find out more about these, it was necessary to dig deeper into the Miles family. Next to the headstones of Thomas and Rebekah Miles in the Wivelsfield graveyard, stands a memorial to Sarah Bridger which reads, formerly of Burgess Hill, died at Hove, November 28th 1895, aged 62 years. Continue reading

The Future of LONG

As we announced at the AGM, we feel that after 21 years of operation, we need to consider how to manage the Group in the future in the light of several factors:

  • a steadily declining membership
  • the general lack of contributions by members of material for publications (though with some honourable exceptions for which we are very grateful!)
  • the lack of members who are willing to join the Committee or assist with the running of the Group
  • the trend towards electronic exchange of information and the decline and cost of printed matter Continue reading

Longshot Vol 15, No. 1

Lily Linfield 1893

Lily Linfield, dancer from The Sketch August 2nd 1893

Editorial: The Future of LONG
The Lindfields of Chailey, by Belinda Baker
– Part 1 Hasted Lindfield
– Part 2 The Story of Sarah Bridger
– Part 3 Katherine – Saint or Sinner?
The Descendants of William Lindfield, by Alan Lindfield
A Lucky Escape, by Arthur Lindfield
Letterheads and Advertisements, by Alan Lindfield
Lily Linfield, Dancer, by Alan Lindfield

Longshot Vol 14, No. 2

Early Public Records, by Alan Lindfield
A History of the Firm of AG Linfield of West Sussex, Fruit Growers,
Market Gardeners and Mushroom Producers, by Malcolm Linfield
Adoption, by Alan Lindfield

Front cover: Lorna Linfield carrying the Olympic torch through Fort William on June 9th. Lorna is the niece of our former Treasurer Melza Linfield and was selected as recognition of her work with children with special needs. Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Gavin Linfield.

Longshot Vol 13, No. 2

Jomo Kenyatta and his Connections with West Sussex, by Malcolm Linfield
Peeps into the Past
Worthing Burials: Part 1, by Alan Lindfield
Portrait Gallery
The Isle of Wight Linfields, by Malcolm Linfield
The Misadventures (and Descendants) of Elizabeth Linfield and John Whittaker (Part 4), by Dolores Christophel D’Errico

Front cover: Linfield’s Store, Medicine Hat c. 1914, soon after the arrival of Charles Ashover Linfield and his family to Canada in 1913. See article ‘The Isle of Wight Linfields’, by Malcolm Linfield on page 63.

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